Mom brought Milly in a little after 8:00 this morning and she hung out with Adam, who slept in the top bunk in the room we usually sleep in, which was originally Erin and Andra’s room but I think became Adam’s room at some point after I went to college.  I shared it with him one summer.

Anyway, Dad had already left for work and Mom was working most of the morning.  Erin left for work at some point in the morning after breakfast (Amanda made eggs and I think toast, Erin made bacon) and Adam left a little after that.  Amanda and I scrubbed Harvey and Bruce down with flea killing spray then washed them both.  Kind of nice using a horse stall with Harvey, since he’s deathly afraid of showers.  Not as good with Bruce though, since he’ll usually stay in one place in a tub, but had a lot of room to squirm around.  They’re nice and clean now though.  Although we did see a few fleas on Bruce’s belly on the way back home.  Hopefully they’re in the process of dying.  We did put their flea and tick medicine on.

Mom took a break to see us off (and take care of the horses) and gave us a card to use to fill up on gas before we left.

Mostly uneventful trip back home.  Amanda drove since I drove to the Rouge, which allowed me to take care of a few work things using the iPhone.  Stopped for some Smithfield’s BBQ for lunch, which was a lot more expensive than we expected.

On the way Amanda said something about going to see The Amazing Spider-Man, so I texted a few people to see about watching Milly for a few hours.  Masons were the first to reply, so after we got home, unpacked and took showers we dropped Milly off to play with Callie.  Milly and I did play a game of Candy Land and actually got all the way through it.  She won, and I didn’t even let her.

On the way to the Masons’ Milly said she’d play with Callie and I could play with Greg and Amanda could play with Allison.  Though I felt for Brynn, who would have nobody to play with, I thought it was smart of her to match us all up like that.

Really liked The Amazing Spider-Man.  Really good action, though there could have been more, good characters and a different angle from the previous trilogy of Spider-Man movies.  I thought it was different enough.  A bit darker too.  Don’t get me wrong, the  first two Spider-Man were, at least up to that point and in my opinion, some of the best comic book movies around.

Milly and Callie were both upset when we picked Milly up because I guess they wanted to keep playing.  Gregory said they did great.  They would have played out in the sprinkler, but there was a brief but very bad storm.  He said it was windy (took Callie’s picnic table umbrella to the backyard) with thunder, lightning and sheets of rain.  Funny thing is when we got to the theater, Amanda and I noticed fresh rain on some of the cars, so somehow it skipped us entirely.

Milly was a bit fussy back home.  Kept her happy with Tangled.  I think if I had my choice right now, I’d have my daddy-daughter dance to I See the Light.  She likes dancing with me during that and I have a lot of good memories of watching the “happy lights” scene with her.  Yes, it gets me teary sometimes.

After Milly went down Amanda and I ate a store pizza (which she got while I was getting Milly ready for bed) as we watched Falling Skies.

I feel very dry.  Maybe being in the pool so much has sucked out all my moisture.  I’m not entirely sure if my left ear is better now or not (I think it did get better after my afternoon shower), but it’s now ringing.  Hoping that goes away sooner than later.

Zach Dotsey