Went to help Robin move in to Blake and Stephanie’s garage apartment. 90-something degrees. Got it done pretty fast as there were seven people helping altogether.

Talked with Blake for a couple minutes.

Lambeths had arrived when I got there. Ladies and Daniel were at the store, Ben was watching the girls draw on the patio with chalk. Graelyn was shy with me but opened up later.

Took my shower, ate lunch. Spent some time outside. Kids played, took naps shortly after.

Amanda and Jessica went shopping, Ben and I watched Immortals on Netflix. Well, he did. I fell asleep.

Kids played in pool and with basketball goal. Ben and I went for a jog. I think he slowed down to stay with me. Record distance of 3.5 because I accidentally didn’t set it to 5k, but to compete with my last run. Ben and I talked some. Having him there pushed me a little faster. I think he was holding his pace back though.

Amanda made little pizza squares. Warkentiens joined us. Crowded table with six adults and two babies. Milly, Graelyn and Eli sat at Milly’s little table, which we pulled away from the wall a bit.

Kids played upstairs after dinner. Milly shouted because she’d climbed into the top bunk and couldn’t get down.

Milly, Graelyn and Daniel had a bath then Jessica read to all the kids. Warkentien kids in our room, Daniel in office, Milly and Graelyn in Milly’s room with Graelyn in the cardboard house.

Played card Quelf. Jessica and I both sort of won. Had fun. Nick and Amy stayed and. Hatted for a little bit before heading home. Rest of us dwindled off to bed after that.

Just realized I forgot to call Aunt Robbie for her birthday.

Zach Dotsey