Girls did great sleeping in the same room last night- not a peep out of them. Might have made a noise this morning, but they were both where we’d left them last night.

Went to church, actually got there a couple minutes earlier than usual. Milly, Graelyn and Callie were all in the same room. Went to Atlanta Bread after, then Barnes & Noble for a little bit.

Girls and Daniel napped when we got home (in separate rooms). Amanda and Jessica went out, Ben and I watched Centurion. I stayed awake, but took a cue from Jessica and decided to take a short nap afterwards.

We all went back to Mayfaire to let the kids play at Brilliant Sky because it was too hot out to do much else. Milly thanked the lady who “fixed” (replaced) Lady.

Went to Islands for tacos after that. Milly wanted Fuzzy Peach, but we told her we had ice cream at home. Of course she still wanted Fuzzy Peach anyway, but we didn’t give in.

The girls rode on Milly’s scooter and tricycle outside for a bit. Milly’s finally getting to where she can go on the trike a bit, and she can really book it on the scooter. Was going fast enough to coast with both feet on the board for a bit going down the street. They took turns with each vehicle and shared well.

Jessica made bananas Foster for us grown-ups while Milly and Graelyn had ice cream. They watched a little Winnie the Pooh then went upstairs to play. They turned the cardboard house perpendicular to how it was and we think we’ll keep it that way.

Last night Jessica read some of Graelyn’s books for bedtime. Tonight we read Happy Birthday, Baby and Where the Wild Things Are, with heavy input from Milly for both.

After they went down we played San Juan. Jessica won, Amanda beat me by one and I beat Ben by two. Pretty close game.

Heard Milly cry while we were playing. I checked on her and found that Milly had taken her pullup off. Asked if she needed to pee or poop and she said she didn’t. Tried to put it back on, but she wouldn’t let me even though it was clean. Didn’t want to make a big deal since Graelyn was sleeping in there too, so I have her another one but kept the one she’d had on for another time.

Ben, Jessica, Amanda and I just sat around in the living room for a bit until the girls drifted off to bed. I’m probably gone soon, as Ben likely will be as well. They’re leaving tomorrow morning.

I’ve got a meeting at 10 tomorrow. Karen said she’ll be here around 9.

Zach Dotsey