I got up this morning and jumped in the shower first thing.  I had a meeting to go to a little later and wanted to make sure I had time to get ready before the morning started.  Ben and Jessica were packing up and getting ready to leave, and I’d have to get Milly ready for when Karen got here.

When I finished I went downstairs because I heard people walking down the stairs when I was in the shower, so I assumed Milly and Graelyn had gotten up.  When I got halfway down, Jessica told me that Graelyn had been saying, “I gotta pee, I gotta pee,” so she got her up, but Milly was still down, so she left her there.  When I did go to get Milly she gave me a big smile and said, “I’m awake.”  That’s usually her first declaration of the morning.

I got her up and got her to brush her teeth, and while she was doing that I finished getting dressed.  I had put on a button-up shirt with my sleeves rolled up just below the elbows and some nice jeans.  I asked Milly how I looked and she said something, but I couldn’t understand her with the toothbrush in her mouth.  I asked her what she said and she repeated herself, but I still couldn’t understand.  I asked one last time and she spit out the toothpaste and said, “You look fancy.”  The whole thing made me laugh.

Milly ate oatmeal while Graelyn played with her scooter and Ben and Jessica packed things up.  I helped carry out a few things.  They can’t leave our house without leaving something though, and this time it was Ben’s Young Life hat that he always wears.  Last time it was his iPod, so this is probably a better deal for him.  They also left a blue toy car.

Karen got here as things were being taken out.  The Lambeths left and I left a few minutes later, taking Karen’s van to the meeting.

The meeting went well.  It was pretty relaxed and informal and I felt pretty comfortable with it.  The one thing they asked me that I’ve never been very good at answering is why me instead of the other guy.  I just leveled with them and said the other guy could probably do a fine job too, and I’m not too great at selling myself, but I do have a lot of experience with what they were wanting to do and I’ve been pretty successful with it.

I like to think that I saved myself a bit when one guy asked me how I could guarantee that I’d have a quick response time when they needed things done.  I pulled out my iPhone and pulled up a text conversation with a client.  I told them that I might not always answer my phone right away, but I’ll always get back to them pretty quick and that I while I do maintain work hours and I’m not likely to answer the phone if I’m in a movie theater on a weekend, I’ll check the voicemail in a timely manner and if they call and tell me that the website has blown up while I’m in the middle of dinner, I’ll stop dinner and do what I can to fix it as quickly as possible.  Of course, the next question was how often do websites blow up.

I figured I’d hear back from them in a few days, but I got a call while I was waiting in line to fill up Karen’s monster van at Costco (the low fuel light was on) and gave me the green light.  I sent them some paperwork later on in the afternoon.  More immediately, I grabbed a bag of cat litter and a hot dog then headed on home.

After I got home Karen took Milly to the farmer’s market and Brilliant Sky.  They got back a bit after 2:00 and I put Milly down for her nap.  I spent the rest of the day figuring out what work to do in what order.  I told Amanda that if it were this busy all the time I’d have to hire somebody.  It’s a nice problem.  Fortunately for me, I think I’ve got the completion dates scheduled out enough that I shouldn’t have to quite kill myself to get everything done on time.  Unless a few of the irons I’ve got in the fire decide they’re ready to get going too.

A new frozen yogurt place called SurfBerry opened up at Wrightsville Beach today and they had free frozen yogurt and smoothie samples to get people out there, so we went and enjoyed it.  They had a smoothie called Nosara, which I felt I had to get since I went there a few years ago.  I probably wouldn’t have tried it otherwise because it has spinach, kale and strawberries, along with other things.  It actually tasted more like banana than anything to me though.

SurfBerry is a nice twist on the frozen yogurt scene which has been so popularized by The Fuzzy Peach here in Wilmington.  Aside from frozen yogurt with self-serve toppings and smoothies, they also offer shaved ice.  I think it’s run by the Surf Camp people because they had a lot of Surf Camp stuff in there as well, in addition to some Wrightsville Beach gear (shirts and towels and such).  I also heard a guy saying something about finally having a building/location for Surf Camp where people can come in and register and such.

I checked out their website and it was done by Sage Island, as I figured it would be.  Actually, it’s not done yet; it’s got a Sage Island holding page.

Milly was entertaining on the way home, singing some nonsense songs the whole ride back.  When we did get home she and Amanda ate or something while I went back to doing some work.  I went upstairs to help put Milly to bed.  As she did for her nap, she wanted to sleep in her cardboard house, and as she does less frequently lately, she asked me to lay down with her for two minutes.  Usually in the past when that was done she’d say, “I want Mommy,” so I’d tell her I’d let her know and Milly would say, “Let her yeah.”  She’s gotten wise though, and she told me to call Mommy.  I told her I didn’t have my phone with me (which wasn’t true, actually), but that I’d go downstairs and tell her.

But Milly kept insisting that I call her, so I finally told her that she could call her, so she shouted out “Mama!” a few times.  I’m not sure why “Mama” unless it’s just easier to shout.  Anyway, Amanda came up and took a turn at staying with her for two minutes while I went downstairs to do some more work.  Milly has shouted sometimes when we’re in a different room from her, particularly on a different floor, so I guess she’s adding this to her nighttime delaying tactics.

Monique said she was going to take the kids to Wrightsville tomorrow and asked if she’d like us to take Milly along.  It’s a good week for Milly to hang out with her friends.

Zach Dotsey