Pretty hectic day all day today.  Got up a little later than I meant to and had to get Milly ready to go to the beach real fast.  Monique was taking her out with Rosa and Emil and meeting Jamie, Noah and Aaron.  They were gone until, I don’t know, maybe close to 1:00.

In the meantime, I had a meetings with Lars (Mike Boscaljon) to go over some final details for his new website, someone who wanted some changes made to a site I was helping out with, someone who wanted a quote on another site and information about yet another, a website that I just started and another website that I’ll be starting tomorrow.  Crazy times.  I was going to work on things late into the night, but Amanda had a headache and after giving Milly a bath and helping put her down, I just wanted a break.

Amanda had some good talks with some people today.  More on that later.  Afterwards she took Milly shopping for some tap and ballet shoes.  Oh, that reminds me of another site I’m going to have to redesign soon, if all goes as planned.  Anyway, Milly was excited to have her new shoes and made me close my eyes as she was putting them on to show me so she could surprise me with them.

Milly spent some time in my office this evening, mostly talking to Wolverine.  It’s this Pez dispenser that Karen gave me for Christmas, might have even been the Christmas before last, that Milly took a liking to a while back.  She always tells me it’s my toy (“Daddy, there’s your toy”) and has conversations with it.  Of course, I talk on the thing’s behalf using a gruff voice and calling her “kid”.  Tonight Wolverine asked Milly if she was going to finish her pizza.  She said she wasn’t because she didn’t like it, so Wolverine said he’d eat it.  Milly told him that he couldn’t eat her pizza because he’s a toy and his mouth doesn’t work.

I watched her walk inside carrying a plastic bag with two shoeboxes today and I wanted to cry.  She’s getting bigger and smarter every day.  I thought about it, and what I love about this age is that she is showing how smart she is all the time, but she’s still so little.  Soon she’ll get older still and lose interest in me and her mother and not realize or care how special she is to us, as all kids do until they have their own kids.

Amanda and I spent the evening watching the end of Wipeout and a new improv show called Trust Us With Your Life.  It’s mostly Who’s Line is it Anyway? (including a lot of the cast), but they’re acting out things they’re told about the lives of celebrity guests.  I also got sucked into watching NY Med, a documentary type of show (real reality, though there were several elements I suspected as being added for dramatic flair) about hospitals in New York City.  It reinforced for me that I would have a hard time being a doctor.  I mean, how do you tell a 66-year-old man who has been healthy his whole life that he’s got six months to live because you couldn’t remove some spots from his liver?

Zach Dotsey