Busy-ness continued today, but at least I’m getting things done.  I’ve got one project done (went live with it tonight) and another that I should be able to finish up tomorrow, then after that I’ve got two large ones, then another one after those are done.  It’s so busy, in fact, that I’ve asked Michael if he’d want to do some work for me in the next couple weeks.  He’s had plenty of experience working on the things I’d want him to do after working so much on Jenn’s site that I feel confident he’d be able to do it well.

Busy as I am, I did stop work a little early so I could get ready and go with Amanda to take Milly to her dance class at A Leap Above.  In the last week or so Amanda has bought Milly some dance outfits, tap shoes and ballet shoes.  Milly was ready to wear all of them.  She was very chatty on the way there, and when we were near it she started calling out, “Dance class, where are you?”

She did pretty well with a number of the things they did in the class, but she tended to wander around a lot and would often pick at her nose.  Any time they did a new activity Milly would get up while the first person was doing it so she could be next in line.  The enthusiasm is good, but she needs to work on her patience.  There was one part where they were walking around with bean bags on their heads (to work on balance and form), and Milly would take hers off, throw it, go pick it up and repeat the process.  I lost count of how many times I heard Amanda saying something to her, though it was through a wall and a window, so Milly couldn’t hear her anyway.

I spent some time talking to one of the employees, as I’ll be creating a new website for them (see the first paragraph, “then another one after those are done”).  Amanda spent some time sitting between two of the moms we saw two weeks ago at the first class (there wasn’t one last wek since it was the Fourth of July) and chatted with them a good bit, which I liked to see.

After dance class we dropped Milly off at Surf House where Michael and Jenn were.  They were watching her tonight while we did our small group thing and were going to take her to The Fuzzy Peach afterwards.  I haven’t eaten at Surf House yet, but I’ve been wanting to check it out.  It’s where The Connection used to be.  That was my favorite place to go to work outside of the house.

Amanda and I walked down the shopping center to Islands.  The place was packed and the line was long, so we cobbled together a few tables and waited for people to show up.  The Andrewses weer there a couple minutes later followed by the Stufflebeams then Monique, who said she had walked into The Fuzzy Peach and saw Milly, talked to Michael and Jenn.

We had switched cars with them when we got there and forgot that we didn’t give them a house key until they got to our house and called about it.  It all worked out though.

The small group all sat and ate and hung out.  Amanda, Jamie and I were the only ones who had been there before.  When we were done eating we all went to The Fuzzy Peach ourselves.  (Milly, Michael and Jenn had left a while before.)  We really did nothing but sit around and talk and goof off.  We did talk about other things to do for the next few weeks of small group and we decided on bowling for next week.

When we first sat down at The Fuzzy Peach I asked where Monique was, and I was told she was speaking German to someone.  I looked and though I recognized the person she was talking to,  then I saw the lady’s husband and confirmed it.  I had a meeting at their house a while back.  It wasn’t a meeting with them, but he was involved in it.  I talked to both of them for a few minutes.

As we were leaving Monique said she’d come get Milly tomorrow and take her out to play with Rosa.  We told her not to go out of her way to do that, but she said that having Milly around helps keep Rosa entertained anyway.  I think they’re going to go to a park.

When we got home we talked to Michael and Jenn for a bit.  They said Milly didn’t go to bed until about 9:00 and that she was very hyper the whole night, which wasn’t terribly surprising.  She’d been hyper on the way to dance class, as I mentioned, and Amanda said she’d been pretty energetic all day.  We also talked about Jenn’s business.  She makes clothes, bags, aprons, pillows and more and Amanda has offered to host a party for her, kind of like a 31 or Mary Kay party.

After they left I took a little time to make a website live.  The DNS seems to have propagated very quickly as it’s already showing up for me.

It rained a good bit this evening.  It started while we were at the dance class and ended at some point while we were eating dinner.

Amanda had another good talk with someone today.  We hope good things come of them.

Zach Dotsey