I’d have to say that the highlight of my day was watching our preacher, Mike Ashcraft, go on stage with his daughter in front of a crowd of people and sing Don’t Stop Believing while strumming furiously on a Rock Band guitar.  He got into it with an abandon I could only admire because I don’t think it’s in my core to put myself out there like that.  Seriously, I wish I could.  It was great, and it was sweet because his daughter was totally into it too.  I thought about posting a video that I took of it, but I didn’t.

That was what happened at our leader’s meeting at Port City Community Church tonight.  A few other people sang, ranging from really good to ridiculously goofy before the karaoke machine went kaput.  It was a fun night though.  It was mostly just a really large potluck.  I grabbed a four-seater table (most were larger) because a lot of the other tables had places taken already and I thought some of our friends would show up, but Amanda later told me that she knew a few weren’t coming.  It was almost like a date night.

Cyra watched Milly tonight, and we heard Milly making noise not long after she left.  She’d made a mess in her pullup, but I didn’t mind since it was an excuse to tell her goodnight.  Amanda read her a book then laid down with Milly at her request.  When Amanda came down she said Milly wanted me, so I went up to lie down with her for  minute too.  Milly told me she had a bad day and she pooped and it was icky.  I pointed out that she’d had a fun day with Rosa and Noah (Monique picked her up this morning and met up with the Andrews clan at Jungle Rapids then had pizza for lunch).  We chatted a bit then Milly pointed out that the sun had gone down, at which point she decided to go through with all she knew of The Distance.  I wish she’d do that on demand so I could get some video of it.  She was singing it again when I left her room, so I had Amanda turn on the monitor so we could listen.

Amanda told me about her conversation with Milly.  Milly said she wanted to have some cookies but they were going to be all gone (or something).  Amanda told her there would be plenty tomorrow and Milly said she was going to share them all with her little friends.  Amanda asked who some of her little friends are and she named Graelyn, Rosa, Eli and oh, oh, oh, oh, Noah.  Then she named some of her big friends: Cyra and Kookie, but Kookie was sick and Milly was a little sick and was Mommy sick too?  (Amanda has felt like she’d been trying to get sick.)  And was that enough friends?  Amanda told her she could have as many friends as she wanted, then they prayed that Jesus would make  Kookie feel better.  Amanda texted that to Kirsten and she said to thank Milly because she was feeling better.

The rest of my day was spent trying to concurrently finish two projects, which I’m hoping to actually have done tomorrow so that I can really dig in on my two major projects next week.

Amanda had two more talks with some people today, and she thinks they were good talks.

I watched the last half of Team USA versus the Dominican Republic, Coach K vs. John Calipari.  As expected, Team USA wiped the floor with the DA.  I’m looking forward to the Olympics starting so it can fill the basketball vacuum that is summer.

Zach Dotsey