Milly is full of little gems.  I had gone to the bathroom this afternoon, and when I came out Milly asked Amanda if she could give me an M&M.  Amanda said she could if I wanted one, so she asked me and I said yes.  She opened the fridge, got out a little sandwich bag of peanut  M&Ms, handed the bag to me so I could remove the tie wrap, took the bag back and picked one out for me.  After she did that she didn’t even try to take one herself, which was impressive to me.

When I posted this on Facebook Jason commented thusly:

If only she knew that in college sometimes you would go to the bathroom on Friday and not come back until Sunday. Man, would she be proud.

If I remember correctly, that stems from one time when I left to go home on a weekend.  In case anybody wondered.

Later on Milly was brushing her teeth to get ready for bed and Amanda messed with a zit that has been developing on my chin.  Milly stopped brushing her teeth and asked, “What happened, Dad?”

“I got a zit,” I told her.  “Or a pimple.”

“A PIMPLE!”  I don’t know why her response was so excited.  I don’t know if we’ve even told her about acne before, but man was she thrilled at the idea of one.  Then she went back to brushing her teeth.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched Donnie Darko on Netflix.  Yeah, finally, I know.  Chris Flowers asked what I thought of it, so I’ll just paste that here.

I’ve been mulling this over since I finished watching it. I liked it, and I got the gist of what was happening and what went on (preferring the sci-fi translation of it to the descent into madness interpretation), but I felt like it was a bit vague, so I did a little research (read one article on Google) and it sounds like I’d have enjoyed the movie more had I seen the Director’s Cut (which is not what’s on Netflix, apparently). And had I studied the website. And had I read a book on the website.

What I didn’t gather was that he had superhuman powers including telekinesis (though I wondered how he was able to affect the engine) or that he was in an alternate timeline that had to be set right at the risk of the entire world collapsing, with literally everyone acting strangely, against their will, in order to push him to his destiny. (I thought there were just a lot of kooky characters.)

As I said, I liked it, but knowing how much Richard Kelly left out of the film that he intended people to somehow know makes it (the original version) feel a bit messy and sloppy. So I’d say that’s diminished my appreciation of the version I saw while still enjoying the concept and the overall experience.

I talked to Rick Titus for a bit tonight.  He talked to me about some website things, but we also reminisced about a fantasy wrestling league I started back in the day.  That thing ran for more than four years and went through a lot of ups and downs.  Yes, I know exactly how geeky that is.  You’d create a character and role play that character on a message board, interact with other characters, get feuds and alliances going and the like, and then at the end of the week people would write matches and further storylines.  Anyhoo, we had fun bringing up the olden days.

Here’s an intro video I edited over eight years ago using the Nintendo 64 with custom characters from the CWF roster, just for fun.

Outside of all that, the pancakes Amanda made for breakfast and the baked spaghetti she let Milly help her make for dinner, I’m not sure of much else that went on in my house today as I continued working slavishly in front of the computer all day.  It was a good day though.  A lot of what I got to do was in the graphic design realm, which was fun.

Zach Dotsey