On a camera this morning, Nick picked me up.  Went really well.  Joey directed- been a long time since I worked with him.  I was on drums and made sure to have some movement in all my shots.  I didn’t get to review much, but I felt it went well.

Talked with Christian before and between services a bit.  Like us, he’s looking for a car around or under $10,000 so I showed him the site we’d been using.  I talked with Barry about the cars a bit and he found a recent Consumer Report that listed the 2007 Chevy Equinox as a model to stay away from due to below average reliability.  I was leaning towards that one because, with the year and mileage on it, we could get some maintenance included with it, but I think I’ll need to see the Carfax report on whatever model I find to make sure there hasn’t been a history of trouble and make sure of how long any problems will be covered.  Otherwise I’m pretty sure I’ll go for the Escape.

On the way home Milly decided we’d all be characters from Lady and the Tramp.  She was Lady, of course, I was Trusty and Amanda was Jock.  Despite always commenting that Tramp looks like Harvey, she decided as we were walking up to the house that Bruce would be Tramp.

Put Milly down, had a nap after finishing off some baked spaghetti and watched The Soup with Amanda.  Only got to sleep for about an hour- one more would have been nice.

Went to the beach, Michael and Jenn were there.  Played with Milly a bit then talked Michael into going surfing, as the waves had some decent size to them.  Got the boards and surfed for just a bit, but it was some work getting out, and when we went in because Michael thought Amanda was waving me in, we stayed in.  We saw Barry shortly before we got out.  We both caught a few waves.  Best one we caught together and I almost ran into Michael by going left when he was going straight.  I turned right and didn’t hit him.

Played with Milly a bit when we got out.  I got a little burned yesterday (we were out for a long time and I should have re-applied the lotion), so I had a towel around my shoulders some of the time.  Played with Milly a little while Amanda sunned.  Swam with Michael a bit before we went in.  The water felt really nice.

Rip tide was apparently bad earlier in the day.  Hannah took Anna Hawkins and Meg Smith out to show them how to surf and let them stay in the shallower waters, but they drifted out to where Hannah was.  Hannah also came across a guy she described as pale (pale-skinned too, but she was describing him as exhausted) out in the deeper waters where she was surfing who called to her for help.  She told him he’d need to kick to help get them back in, but he didn’t do anything.  A lifeguard appeared when she’d almost gotten him back, but she said he was already wet, as if he’d been in the water rescuing someone else.

Hung out around the Frazelle house.  Anna and Hannah had taken Anna Hawkins and Meg Smith shopping.  Milly played and drew with Cody, who had come over to surf.  Amanda and I were about to head off to Islands for some tacos when Anna and the girls came back, so we invited them along.  Anna Hawkins and Meg Smith rode with us at Milly’s invitation.  We all ate then got some Fuzzy Peach before heading home.

Amanda found a show about the existence of mermaids, which we both found rather interesting.  Cool idea, anyway.

Long week ahead.

Zach Dotsey