Amanda, Milly and I went to the Jeff Gordon Chevy dealership’s used car place and bought a Ford Escape tonight.  I gave it a good bit of thought over the weekend and it came down to the Escape and a Chevy Equinox.  We saw one online, a 2007, that could possibly have been brought down to our price range, but it was in Kansas City.  I test drove a 2009 that they had on the lot to check it out, and really liked the look of it, both inside and out.  It looked more like a luxury car and I really like the console and the fact that it had a USB port and an audio jack.  The downside to it was that I felt a little closed in driving it.  The main thing in feeling like that was that the seat felt like it was too large for me, but the visibility was a little lower too.  Not that it was bad, but when I tried out the Escape again I really felt like I had a much better open view of everything.

Amanda and Milly stayed at the dealership while I took the drives since we didn’t want to have to keep moving the carseat.  Amanda has also repeatedly said that this was going to mainly be my car (since she got to pick out the Jetta and primarily drives that) so the final decision, both in what we got and whether we got anything, would be mine.  When I got back from the drives I weighed the pros and con with her.  The main thing the Equinox had going for it was that it looked like a more upscale car and that it was a little newer.  I really liked the feel of the Escape though, and I liked how open it was.  It also has a sunroof and leather seats.  The sunroof isn’t a huge deal, but having a kid, and one day wanting to have another one, leather seats beat cloth ones.

I was pretty split.  What really pushed me over the edge was that we couldn’t possibly afford the 2009 Equinox and the 2007 one in Kansas City was possibly in the process of being sold.  On top of that, it didn’t seem likely that they’d come down on the price as much as we would want anyway.  I told Amanda we’d go ahead and get the Escape.  I’d been pretty high on it since Saturday and have read almost nothing but great reviews, so I knew I’d be pleased with it.

We then spent the next hour or so answering questions and filling out paperwork.  We were a little afraid that since I’ve worked for myself for a few months that there might be an issue, but there wasn’t.  We put a bit more down than we initially talked about and came out with a monthly payment that I’m very happy with.  I pointed out to Amanda that if we’d gone with a lesser car when we got the Jetta we could be making two car payments for the price of that one.

Milly was good the whole time until the end.  She spent a lot of her time playing with the iPad or filling up small cups of water from the water cooler and offering them to people.  She started getting a bit restless around 8:30, and when we left a little bit after that she was making a scene because she didn’t want to put her boots on.  I told her to calm down and put her boots on by the time I counted to three or she’d get the corner when she got home.  She didn’t, so she did.

Amanda took her in the Jetta and I drove the Escape home.  Amanda has yet to drive it.  She’s only ridden in it when we took the test drive on Saturday.  I called my mom to tell her about the purchase and stopped by the store to pick up some milk.

So that, putting Milly to bed and watching Falling Skies, which was a really good one in which we learn that some of the aliens are part of a revolution, was how my day ended.  Here’s how the rest of it went.

I woke up around 8:00 and decided to get up and mow the lawn, which hasn’t been mowed since I got the new mower right at a month ago.  And no, Karen, I know you’re reading this and probably thinking I wanted to get it done before you came over and gave me more grief about it.  That’s not the reason, and in fact I had my rebuttal, that I’ve worked all hours during the week and most of my free time was spent at the beach with my family this weekend, which I care more about than my lawn, all ready.  No, I decided to do it because I had a client, actually an old friend from way back when we lived on Johnson Mill Road, scheduled to come over.  He rescheduled for tomorrow, but that was my motivation.

That took me right about 30, 35 minutes.  I got on the computer to check things then went upstairs to take a shower after a bit.  I heard Milly though, so I got her up and ready.  Karen appeared pretty soon after I finished with her and they went over to the Frazelle house to help Anna plant some flowers.  Karen later told me that Hannah was there too and Milly played with Anna Hawkins and Meg Smith, of course.

I had a meeting at 1:00 and Karen let me borrow the van.  I’d initially told her it was at 12:30 then called and told her it was actually at 1. but then she got mixed up and thought it was at 1:30.  It was a lunch meeting at C Street Grill and I got there about five minutes late, but I did beat the people I was meeting.  I’d told them I was going to be late.

The meeting was with an existing client who is very important to me.  We mainly went over things that were going on and improvements they’d like to make.  Most of it wasn’t terribly difficult, but some of it may be a bit time consuming.

I had plans to do some paperwork that needs to be done, but I was too busy trying to figure out a couple minor issues, so I wasn’t able to do those things.  Maybe I’ll do them when I’m done with this though.

On tap for tomorrow: Michael coming over to do some work, a lunch meeting (which I’ll take him to so he can see some of the business stuff I do) and an afternoon meeting.

Zach Dotsey