I remain happy with yesterday’s purchase.  I drove the Escape to two meetings today.  Michael, who came over to help me out on adding products to a website, rode along on the first one.  It was with Chad Gilbert, whom I’ve known since probably middle school.  He’s a client of mine, and though he’s from Raleigh he was in town for his daytime job and we had a chance to get together for a lunch meeting.  We caught up, but we also discussed updating his current website.

After that meeting we went back to the house where Michael continued doing some work.  I stuck around to take care of a few things then headed off to my next meeting, which was downtown.  I walked away from that with a signed agreement and a deposit check.  Even though I accomplished all of that, I feel very little would have been accomplished for me on existing projects today if not for Michael’s help.  He was at the house until Amanda, Milly and I left around 5:00 to have dinner with Robin Crabtree.

While I was gone on my second meeting, Amand and Milly went to Wal-Mart to pick up a new carseat (more of a booster with a back) for Milly to put in the Escape.  Amanda put it together and we went to Robin’s in it.  In part it was so Milly could have her first ride in it, but I let Amanda drive there so she could get a feel for it.  She doesn’t like the ride as much as I do and isn’t a big fan of driving larger cars.  Maybe that’s why she didn’t see one of the speed bumps and attempted to knock the alignment out on the first full day that we’ve had the thing.

For the record, since the gas mileage isn’t nearly as good as the Jetta’s, we don’t plan on driving it around all that much.  In fact, if I’m going to a meeting at a time when Amanda and Milly are going to be home, I’ll more than likely take the Jetta instead.  When I told the insurance guy today how many miles I expected to put on it in a year he tried to talk me up.  I told him he could double it, but I really don’t plan on using it much except for occasional meetings and trips.

Anyway, Robin is renting a garage apartment from Blake and Stephanie Konny, and when we pulled up they were in their backyard.  Stephanie and Micah were sitting on a blanket and Blake was blowing bubbles for their dog, Lily.  She would jump after them and bite them.  We talked to them for a few minutes then headed on up to Robin’s.

Robin had an awesome dinner prepared for us.  It was sausage pasta (which is exactly what it sounds like- sausage, noodles and cheese), green beans, what she called “crack bread” (which was rolls with parmesan cheese, some other stuff and some mayo baked on top of it, and I didn’t even mind the mayo) and green beans.  For dessert she’d fixed some brownies that were almost like cake, so I’d call it brownie cake or cake brownies, with some sort of cookie dough topping.  It was all very awesome.  I paid her back by spending some time in her lav.

We hung out at Robin’s for a bit and invited her to tomorrow night’s small group bowling session.  Milly was ready to go around 7:30.  At one point she said she wanted to go downstairs.  The stairway just leads to a small area with a door to the outside, so I watched her get most of the way down the stairs and figured she’d just hang out down there.  When I went to check a few minutes later I found the door open.  I ran downstairs and found her trying to open the Escape’s door.

Milly was obsessed with The Wheels on the Bus this evening.  She had me sing it several times.  Milly wanting me to sing when Amanda is around has allowed Amanda to hear me sing, which I’m getting more comfortable with.  You may not know this about me, but I have a weird hangup about singing.

Total side note.  I asked Milly what she wanted to name the Escape and she said Cull Pompoms.  I know that’s the proper spelling because I asked if it was with a K or a C and if it was one L or two.  I don’t know it that one will stick, though I do love it as a Sim name.

Milly had a few minutes to waste before going to bed.  Jeopardy was on and while the contestants were writing down their answers for Final Jeopardy, Milly told Amanda that they were praying.

Putting Milly down has become a bit more of a chore than it used to be.  She’ll shout for us until one of us answers.  Usually we’ll go back up and spend a couple minutes with her then tell her that she needs to settle down and go to sleep, and usually she’s fine after that.  She gave me a bit of trouble tonight though.  I went back up and helped her get back in her bed (she initially wanted to sleep on the floor), but then she wouldn’t listen to me.  She kept doing things like kicking the wall side of the bed and I’d tell her to stop, but she wouldn’t stop until I started counting.  I told her she needed to listen to me and her mommy and do what we say and asked her what I had just said in order to get her to repeat it back to me, but she would roll over and just say nothing.  I kept asking her and she kept ignoring me, so I gave her a small pop (not even a hit) on her shoulder, so she started crying.  She did eventually repeat back to me that she needed to listen to Mommy and Daddy.  After my go-go-go day where I felt like I hardly had any break that whole episode put me in a bit of a bad mood.

Before I went back up there Amanda and I saw Bonnie outside walking and went to talk to her.  She came home from surgery on Saturday and we haven’t seen her, but we haven’t wanted to go over there because we knew she’d be recuperating and would have a lot going on.

After we got back in was when Milly was shouting for me, and after I came back down Amanda and I tried to watch this week’s episode of Falling Skies.  Milly was loudly calling for Amanda though, so she finally went up there and settled her down.  I don’t think she made any noise after that.  I’m not sure she ever actually napped today either.  She was good for the entire morning until I put her down for her nap.  I think since Michael was here she just wanted some attention, which is understandable.

Oh my gosh.  I just looked at the clock and it’s only 10:45.  It feels like it’s close to midnight already.  Maybe I’ll go to sleep a little earlier than usual tonight.

Zach Dotsey