At some point today Amanda was giving Milly a string cheese, and when she opened it she took a bite of it.  Milly told her not to eat it, then she saw that Amanda was eating it already.  She said, “Mommy, I told you not to eat it.  You need to listen.  Do you understand?”  Sternly, as I’m told.

A good portion of my day was spent with Joey Palieri, an old friend who came to town today.  We did our fair share of catching up, but mainly he wanted to pick my brain about his eBay business.  In short, he’s hitting a bottleneck in his ability to expand his business and wanted to see if I could help.  I had some suggestions for a few of his secondary goals, but I wasn’t really able to help him very much with his main goal.

Milly had her dance class, which was enjoyable to watch as always.  I can already tell that she’s improved in her ability to pay attention and follow Miss Michelle’s instructions.

Afterwards we had small group at our house.  We were originally going to go bowling, but not everyone was able to make it, so it would have been pricier than we were anticipating.  We just hung out at our house and plan to go bowling next week.

Zach Dotsey