Took Milly to mall instead of having Amanda drive all the way out to pick her up.  We had lunch with Peggy and Earl and the Frazelle girls.

Planned on not driving Escape much, but I’ve driven it every day since we got it.  There was a banana spider on the antenna the whole way to the mall.  When we got to stops it would start walking away, like it was relieved, but then we’d start up again and it would wrap around it again.  Kind of felt bad for it.

Two firsts with the car today: filling up the gas tank and putting something in the back.  It was Milly’s stroller.

Home, worked on websites.  Starting to get into a groove with it.  Girls will be gone a bit tomorrow, hope to really get focused and get a lot done.

Amy Warkentien dropped off their dog Max.  He’ll be staying with us until next week while they’re gone in Tennessee.

Went to Islands for dinner- Amanda didn’t feel like making anything.  We went to the Fuzzy Peach afterwards, of course.  We always say that it’s cheap eating at Islands, but it’s not when we go to the Fuzzy Peach afterwards every time.

Saw Maddox outside playing when we went home, so we walked over there and hung out until a little after 8.

Watched first episode of Breaking Bad.

Amanda’s good talks didn’t have hoped for result.

Zach Dotsey