Amanda and Milly went to Old Mac Faye’s Farm this morning, a little farm not too far away in Castle Hayne.  They were there with a bunch of other kids and their moms (and Kevin Millard, who went because Lauren stayed home with a sick William).  It sounded like they had a good time.

Since I haven’t jogged in almost two weeks and yet am doing a 5K in two days, I decided I’d go for a little jog first thing.

And so it wasn’t until I was getting in the shower that I heard about the Dark Knight shooting.  A guy wearing armor and a gas mask gassed the packed theater then opened fire with a pistol, a shotgun and an assault rifle in Aurora, Colorado during a midnight show at the biggest movie of the summer.  At least 10 people are dead and over 50 are wounded.  I don’t know any word other than horrific.

Of course that’s all anyone is talking about today.  The guy, John Holmes, was smart.  He was studying neurology or some such and he booby trapped his apartment with explosives.  The guy had to know what he was doing.  The question is, why?  It’s just so senseless.

I spent a good bit of time reading about that event today.  I guess we all tend to get obsessed when things like that happen.

As for the rest of the day, Amanda went out after Milly went down for her nap.  We let the Hausers borrow the Jetta.  Monique was dropping off a rental or something so Amanda met her there then got dropped back off at the house.  Monique had the kids with her as well as a friend of Simon’s from Germany named Heiko.  I talked to him for a minute and he seemed like a nice guy.

Jenny Cain invited us to hang out at Mayfaire for the music there tonight.  We went and saw her and Hudson.  Tim was going to be out there too, but we didn’t stay long because Milly was in a mood.  After we got home and put her down we continued watching some Breaking Bad.

Zach Dotsey