We went to Beulaville for breakfast at Amanda’s grandparents’ house this morning.  Amanda’s (great-)aunt Joanne was there along with her mom’s cousin, Terry.  She’s moving with her job and looking for a place to stay in the general vicinity.  Karen was there too, of course.  Unless she’s out of town or something, I think she has breakfast with her parents every Saturday.

Hausers plus Heiko minus Monique, who was working, came over.  We loaded the back seat down with car seats and all piled into Escape with me and Simon sitting in the very back to go to Wrightsville Beach.  Heiko sat in the back with me on the way home.  They both offered to let me sit in the front, but I told them I was the smallest of the three of us so I’d take the back.

There was a pretty bad looking storm to the north of us with lightning and whatnot, but it didn’t even rain on us.  There were some small waves that I thought looked like they’d be good for learning.  I let Heiko (who has surfed before) and Simon (who has not) use board while I used Terry (the other board, not Amanda’s cousin). Didn’t think I’d catch anything on Terry with the size of those waves, but I caught quite a few and had fun.

Tried putting kids down for a nap when we got back to the house. Milly and Rosa in the same room didn’t work- too much moving around.  I don’t think Emil slept a single second.

Monique arrived, then Erin, then Cyra. Had grilled turkey burgers and salad.

Milly and Rosa went to play in Milly’s room after dinner and as best as we could piece it together Milly took the zoo toy and Rosa hit her on the nose.  Probably not even hard, sensitive as Milly is.  Got over it and we’re fine later, though they were in the top bunk, which they shouldn’t have been in the first place.  They also made quite the mess.  I think they pulled out every toy in the room.

Hausers and Heiko left near 8. Put Milly down, sat around talking with Erin, Cyra and Amanda.

5K for me and Erin tomorrow morning.

Zach Dotsey