Got up at 7 and went to run a 5K for the Bellamy Mansion at 8 with Erin. I placed 16th (out of 17 [in my age bracket]).  We both had goals though. Erin’s was to finish, mine was to not stop jogging. We both accomplished our goals. Ran faster down the stretch when I saw the clock was under 35 minutes and finished at 34.95 minutes. Erin finished a few minutes later.

Enjoyed running around Downtown Wilmington, seeing streets I haven’t seen before. Nice places, rundown places, whatever- all have history and stories.

Saw one guy puke.

Walked around the Bellamy Mansion when we finished, hung out for prize drawings then went home and got ready for church. Erin went with us.

Ran into Hausers there and they sat with us. Went to Golden Corral afterwards. Milly had her first cotton candy.

Amanda left to go to Hannah’s lingerie shower about as soon as we got back. Erin, Milly and I all took naps.

Took it easy for the evening. Played some MarioKart, including Milly (kind of). She and Eli were playing it when we picked her up after looking at cars last week.

Watched two episodes of Breaking Bad after putting Milly down. Introduced Erin to Game of Thrones when Amanda went to bed. Don’t think she was all that into it, but maybe if she gets a chance she’ll check out a few more episodes.

Ran dishwasher and decided to wash the several things that wouldn’t fit. Tired now, but just don’t feel like getting of the couch. Used to be I’d just turn on the History Channel or something and doze off, but Amanda prefers when I come to bed before she wakes up in the morning.

Changed Milly late tonight after I heard her cry out. Enjoy when we have free-flowing late night chats.

Zach Dotsey