Milly was up early, which she usually is not on Mondays.  She did a good job of letting me sleep while she watched PBS though.  Erin came up to say bye around 8:00.  She left her running shoes, which I only realized when I was looking for something to smash a spider with.

Told Milly I’d give her some coins for her piggy bank if she cleaned her room, which was still covered in toys from when she and Rosa played on Saturday. She did a pretty good job with it. although as you can see she stuffed some of her baskets a little full. Told her when she was done that she could have three coins, which I pulled from some change in my pocket. She ended up with 13 cents. Do the math. (I’ll save you some trouble: no, it doesn’t add up.)

Karen took Milly out.  I took advantage of having a car and went to Costco (out of toilet spare toilet paper, got a few other things too) and ran to the bank to drop off a check.

Worked on some websites late while Amanda watched Bachelorette shows and Milly played upstairs.  I went up to play with her later on in the evening and she decided I should be a horse that she could ride back and forth around my and Amanda’s bedroom.  When she got tired of it she started piling her Disney princess dolls on my back.

Milly’s been calling us up to her room after we put her down lately, so we told her that after we laid down and left tonight, we wouldn’t be coming back upstairs.  She said, “Okay,” kind of matter-of-factly, and it seems to have worked.  At least for tonight.

Watched another episode of Breaking Bad before Amanda went to bed and I went back to the office again.  Really like that show.

Zach Dotsey