Cranked out a good bit of work on a website today.  Now have five websites to work on, plus possibly two more coming soon.  I’ve got Michael coming over tomorrow to help out and Amanda’s going to do some work on one too.  She’ll be working on one for Milly’s dance studio, since she’s vested in that one and I don’t want to pay someone to do work on a barter site.

Reece happened to contact me about his friend Ken doing some work as well, but he isn’t familiar with the system and I don’t know how much I’d have to teach him.  Aside from that, I do want to be able to keep as much as I can for myself, since I’m still working on this whole thing being viable.  I mean, Nextwave has grown from month to month, but I’m not at the point where I’m comfortable with it yet.

Amanda came home, took Milly to Old Navy after she got up from her nap and let her pick out some shirts and a dress.  She had a coupon plus she gets a discount on Tuesdays.

Finished the last of some baked spaghetti Amanda made last week for dinner.

Milly declared Wipeout to be her favorite show, so she and Amanda watched an episode on the On Demand station.  I joined in after a while.

Amanda gave Milly a bath and combed her hair afterwards while she watched a few minutes of The Incredibles.  Told her again when I was leaving the room to only call us up for things she needed, not for things like wanting a toy.  Worked last night and seems to be working so far tonight.

Continued our nightly catch-up of Breaking Bad.  We only get to watch two episodes a night because that’s all we have time for between the time Milly goes down and Amanda goes to bed.  Left off with a big-time cliffhanger tonight.  I’ve been very tempted to watch ahead without Amanda, but I like watching it together.

Zach Dotsey