I’ve never claimed to be a great bowler, but I’ve always been okay.  Not tonight though.  No, tonight I was terrible.  Our small group went bowling tonight.  We had two lanes and two games on each lane.  I started the night knocking down one pin on each of my first two attempts, then I think I had at least three turns in the second game where I hit nothing.  I don’t know what happened. I didn’t really care though, as we had a lot of fun.  We started off giving everyone names (mostly from David Andrews and me, who were putting the names in).  In order of arrival, they were:

Me: Hacky Sack (because David said it was kind of a hippy thing, plus the surfing, and I guess because sack rhymes with Zach)
Amanda: Shorty (I got Monique’s input on this one)
David  Sawyer: Mr. Consultman (he does some consulting)
Jennifer: Pregger (self-explanatory)
David Andrews: Mr. President (because he’s a big fan of our president, got inspiration from Simon for this one)
Jamie Andrews: Himee (because that’s how her name is pronounced in Spanish, and for some reason I think of it that way sometimes)
Simon: The German (sel-explanatory)
Monique: Socks (because she forgot to bring socks and had to buy a pair for $2 from a vending machine and she did not like them with their embroidered bowling ball and pins)
Heiko: German Star (he’s good at soccer)
Reece: Pieces (Reece’s Pieces)
Ashley: A Stuff (because we call her and Jared A Stuff and J Stuff)

Amanda has this thing where after she rolls the ball she’ll crouch down and motion the ball in whatever direction she wants it to go.  Must work, because she did a lot better than I did.  Several other people have their own little quirks, too.  Jamie throws the ball, Monique jumps up and down when she gets a gutter (and sometimes throws herself off balance, once ending up in the next lane, where Simon had just rolled his ball).  Simon swings his arm a few times, like a practice wind up in golf.  There were surely others.  Ashley said she got her first two strikes ever.  Reece did the best I do believe, but then he owns his own shoes and ball.  At one point we all chanted “Four more years!” to David after his go.

Before all that we were at Milly’s dance class.  I think we’ve reached an agreement on a website-for-classes trade.  Kirsten met us out there, actually getting there before we did.  We all watched Milly then Kirsten took her back to our house while we went bowling with our small group.

And prior to that I was busy all day.  Michael came over to help out on some websites and Amanda did some work on the dance website.  I did spend a lot of my day telling people how to do things, but I think it was a good investment in the future.  On top of that, Michael did a good bit of grunt work while I did everyday things such as taking care of Milly and letting Dave and Mary’s dogs outside for a bit.  (They’re neighbors down the street and Mary is Amanda’s co-worker. They just got back from being out of town today.)

And prior to that Milly and I took a trip to the grocery store.  We took some recycling and she helped me with it.  She couldn’t reach to put the stuff in the bins, but I picked her up to help throw away some plastic and cardboard.  I also told her what was what.  As we walked back towards the store she said, “Bye, trashcans!”

The sole purpose of going to the store, from Milly’s perspective, was to get a doughnut with icing and sprinkles for us to sit outside and eat together, but we picked up a couple other things too.  She did a good job of pushing the little kiddie cart around.

And prior to that I was trying to get Milly to pull her panties up by herself, which she is quite capable of doing.  Amanda tried to get her to do it yesterday and it turned into a big thing, and it went the same way this morning.  That is, it did until I told her if she wanted to go to the store and get a doughnut she’d need to get dressed.  I got them on her legs, but she pulled them up quite handily herself after that.

Milly woke up a little before 4:00 last night (this morning, what have you) and when I went in she came out of her cardboard house and told me, “There are bees in my house!”  I hugged her and told her there were no bees, that she had just had a bad dream.  We talked for a few minutes and she told me that she dreamed that she pretended to be a butterfly.

Amanda said Milly had had a nightmare not too long ago about ants being in her house too.

And that, my friends, was my day told, for some reason, in reverse.

Zach Dotsey