Milly came up with a game she called Help Help today.  She threw all the couch cushions on the floor, then you take turns standing on them shouting for help until the other person helps you off of them.

On the way to the mall to meet up with Amanda and her grandparents she came up with another game called Let’s Think About It.  She would say “Let’s think about it” while putting her hand on her shin and cheek in a pondering pose.  Then I’d ask what we’re thinking about and she’d toss out whatever random thing it was at that moment.

Milly hadn’t napped and was pretty fussy by the time we finished our lunch, so she came on back to the house with me.  She did go down for a nap, and now I’m partially caught up with work.

We went outside to go for a walk and saw Kenzie and Kimber, so Milly ended up just playing with them for a while.

Watched some Breaking Bad this evening.

Zach Dotsey