Day started off with Milly waking up early at 7:00, but she was good, wanted to snuggle a lot and let me sleep for the most part.

She wanted to take a walk to get milk and a doughnut, which we talked about on the way home from dinner last night.  She even said at the top of the steps, “I’m excited!”

Walk was fine, but then we got to the store and she wanted to get in a cart.  I told her we weren’t getting enough stuff for a big cart and she could walk (trying to get her some exercise after she rode all the way there in the wagon) or push a little cart.  She got fussy so I told her if she didn’t stop we were going home and she wasn’t getting a doughnut.  She didn’t stop and I had to carry her out of there screaming.  She wouldn’t sit in the wagon, so I carried her under one arm and pulled the wagon with the other until we got to the end of the parking lot.  She was still making big noise by the time we got into the neighborhood, so I told her if she didn’t stop by the time I counted to three I was going to smack her hand and she was going to go in the corner when we got home.  She didn’t, so I did.  Then of course we were walking down the street with her crying, “Don’t hurt me, Daddy!”  We had a talk about discipline, and when we got home she went in the corner for three minutes (since she’s three now).  When it was over she wanted to stay in the corner, but I got her out and we talked about why she was disciplined- because she wouldn’t listen to me and she was behaving poorly.

I really hated the whole sequence.  I mean, she was so excited to go to the store, and she was looking forward to our walk and eating a doughnut outside like we do, only to get there and have it all taken away from her.  Sure, I could have just let her ride in the cart, but the point is that I told her otherwise and she almost immediately went crazy on me.  It was a small thing, but she needs to learn that when Amanda or I tell her something is going to be one way, she doesn’t get to change it, especially when she’s so quick to get angry about it.

On the way home she was doing that gasping cry that’s always so pathetic, and I always hate to see that.  She was trying to say she’d be a nice girl while sobbing like that.  I mean it really broke my heart.  But I think as a parent you’ve got to stick by your punishments, at least this early on.

Karen showed up just before Milly’s time in the corner was up.  She seemed to be pretty much over it all by the time we finished our chat.  Milly was good the rest of the day and had fun with her Nana.  They went to Learning Express, the Arboretum, BrrBerry and McDonald’s.

Karen dropped off a kitchen chair that Phil fixed for us along with two other chairs.  They’re different from the others, but they’re nice and seem pretty sturdy.  I think the plan is for Amanda to paint them.

I got a good bit done today, though not quite as much as I’d like to have.  I feel like I can see the light at the end of the making websites tunnel, though there’s still a good bit of debris in the way.

Amanda tried to get Milly interested in watching gymnastics by showing her some stuff she’d DVR’ed from last night, but Milly was only mildly interested in it.  I came in to try to help and pointed out that the balance beam was the same as what she uses in dance class.  I asked her if she could do what the girl on TV could do (flips and such), and Milly said she couldn’t.  I told her maybe she could when she’s older.  She then said something to Amanda about doing those things, and Amanda said she couldn’t either.  Milly assured her that she’d be able to do them when she’s older.

Amanda, Milly and I walked up to Maddox’s house.  As soon as Maddox saw Milly he called her name and threw his arms open and ran to give her a hug.  She ran up to him too.  It was pretty much the cutest thing ever, and I wish I’d had my camera on.  The two of them played while Amanda and I talked to Kristen and Gavin, when he got home a few minutes later.

For bedtime Amanda read Milly The Very Hungry Caterpillar then she sort of read it back to us.  We both stayed in her room for two minutes so she wouldn’t have an excuse to shout for the other one of us after one of us laid down with her.  We did that last night too.  Amanda was next to the bed and I was relegated to the cardboard house.

I was talking to Josh (Sawyer) after we’d played a good bit of phone tag.  He wanted to tell me he’d given my name to someone, then we chatted a bit.  He mentioned that the men’s gymnastics team didn’t medal, but he didn’t realize that it hadn’t been shown on TV yet.  I let something out about it, which ruined Amanda’s night.  That’s the event she’d been looking forward to since yesterday.  I felt terrible for ruining it for her.

On the plus side, since she didn’t want to watch it as a result of that we ended up watching another episode of Breaking Bad.

After Amanda went to bed I planned on catching this website up, but I spent a bunch of time texting then talking to Michael about some changes for Jenn’s site.  He has done a lot of work on it lately and it’s looking really good.

Zach Dotsey