Went to the store again today and this time it went a lot better than yesterday.  We walked around a bit, Milly telling me she wanted to push a small shopping cart around.  Got to eat a doughnut while sitting outside together.

I was just thinking, if not for Milly and the knowledge that she’ll wake up sometime between 7 and 8 in the morning, I could give myself all sorts of odd working hours.  Probably for the best that it’s not that way.

Feel like I’m all over the place with some websites.  For many of them I’m at the point where I’m waiting for feedback or content, so I’m able to work on some of the smaller jobs, but having the bigger ones looming behind them makes me wary.

Amanda and Milly met Robin at Costco today.  I didn’t hear much about that, but I figured I’d mention it.

Reece and Stephanie invited us over for dinner and watching the Olympics tonight.  They had a soup (taco soup?), a salad and bread and Amanda brought brownies for dessert.  Milly and Jacob played well together.  She really liked the blanket fort that was set up between the couch and the coffee table.

Stephanie read them a book based on Ratatouille before they went to bed.  We were going to put Milly in their guest bed, but a pack & play was set up and she wanted to get in there.  We didn’t care, so whatever made her happy.

Reminds me, she was standing in the pack & play and lifted one of her legs up to the top of it and told us it was a cool trick.  She did something similar earlier in the day where she was holding onto the doorknob of our bedroom door and put one leg on the wall, said the same thing.  There are a bunch of things she’s done lately, mostly silly poses, that she calls a trick or a cool trick.

After the kiddos went down to bed we parents played Ticket to Ride and watched gymnastics and swimming in the Olympics.  The American girls won gold in the gymnastics and Michael Phelps earned two medals (a silver by like .05 seconds) and a gold in the team relay (where they absolutely killed it).  The gold gave Michael Phelps the all-time most medals of any Olympian, and he’s still got a couple events left so he could earn more.

I won Ticket to Ride, though it was because I got lucky when I drew extra cards and got two 20+ point destinations that were right next to each other.

Zach Dotsey