My original plan today was to take Milly and meet Amanda, Peggy and Earl (and Michael and Jenn, too, since they ended up going) at the mall for lunch.  That way Amanda wouldn’t have to come from work, back to the house then back out to the mall.  I then saw how much I had to do  today and emailed Amanda a list (as much for myself to get it organized as for her to see how busy I was) of 12 items I needed to take care of, which didn’t include minor things throughout the day.  So Amanda, saying she was glad I was busy, came on home to pick Milly up after work.  They stayed gone pretty much all day and I got a lot done.

They had a fun time.  Michael rode with Milly on a little train that goes around the mall and afterwards Amanda and Milly went to Brilliant Sky.  Milly had to go to the bathroom and ended up pooping in her pants (Brilliant Sky really could use a public restroom), which was awesome because Milly’s Jenn bag with her extra stuff in it was left in Karen’s van, so Milly walked around for a while with a skirt and no panties or pullups or anything.  This was after she had gone to the bathroom to pee once already I think.  (Both times they went to Atlanta Bread.)  That ultimately didn’t phase her though, and she continued to have fun.  Amanda brought the employees at Brilliant Sky cookies from Atlanta Bread just because we’re in there so much and, yes, Milly had a lot of birthday presents bought from there, but it’s not like we buy from there often.

Amanda also brought some cookies home for dessert, which we ate after Milly went to bed.  White macadamia and chocolate chip with Heath that we split.  Yum.

Milly did go #2 on the potty later on at home, which is always good because she hates doing it.  She went several times last night while Cyra was watching her, and we told her (as we have been for about ever now) that if she wouldn’t hold it and would go when she needed to it would be softer and wouldn’t hurt her as much.  Maybe she’s taking that to heart at long last.

Milly watched a lot of Bo on the Go yesterday and today.  I commend the show for encouraging kids to be really active while they watch.  However, and I know a lot of little kid shows suffer from this, but not to the extent of Bo, the show is so damn formulaic.  It goes like this: Bo is active.  Something happens where some sort of little creature is causing trouble.  Maybe it’s going through all the clothes in the world because it can’t find anything that fits it, or maybe it’s lazy and it’s causing everyone around it to be lazy.  They know this because Bo and Desi, her little pal dragon, ask the Wizard, who tells them about this creature.  Then they have to go to the Chamber of Doors and go through three specially marked doors.  They have to jump to get flying keys for each door.  They meet some obstacle and have to choose what animal to emulate to get past it, then they find a special item.  Bo tells Desi that it might come in handy later.  Really?  You think a hat that resizes itself to fit its wearer might come in handy when you’re trying to help a creature who can’t find anything its size to wear?  So you can guess what happens next.  They find the creature, give it the special item and save the world.  Oh, and of course they run low on energy at certain points and kids have to run in place to give Bo energy.

I’ve never fully watched a single episode, but I swear it’s the most interchangeable show ever.

We decided to toss out one of Milly’s oldest toys, which I think was her first bath toy.  It’s a boat that had spots to carry washable crayons that Auntie Rin gave her for her first Christmas, I do believe.  The problem with it is that it’s got places where water can get it, and even if you empty it out, you can’t get it all out.  So after a couple years now when you empty it out pieces of black something come out with it.  There’s no telling what lives in it, but it is recyclable, so that’s what we’ll do with it.  I’m sentimental and hate tossing things out, but unfortunately it has to go.

After Milly went to bed we watched a couple Breaking Bad episodes.  Amanda surprised me by staying up much later than usual to watch the second one, though it is a Thursday (meaning she’s off tomorrow).

Somehow I hurt the back of my left ankle in between episodes.  I don’t know what happened.  I was literally in bed doing nothing on it, and when I got out I couldn’t walk on it.  I can put it down on the floor, and I can put some weight on it, but as soon as I move forward like as to walk I get a sharp pain unless I walk on the ball of my foot, almost like I’m wearing heels.  It feels kind of like a cramp, though it’s not a cramp.  I’ll take some Aleve and hopefully it’ll be gone tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey