I got a text this morning from Lauren saying that Maggie was moping around, and when asked about doing something the only thing she said was that she wanted to play with Milly.  Since I was really busy and Milly was doing nothing more than watching Frannie’s Feet, I jumped at the chance to let her do something fun and constructive.  I forgot that Amanda had told Monique that Milly was going to need to make suer to take a good nap because we were taking dinner to the Sawyers’ this afternoon when Monique called to ask about taking Milly out to play with Rosa.  But oh well.  It was good for me, Milly and Maggie.  She stayed there until around 1:00.  Amanda picked her up after work then came home and let her nap.

I’ve been trying to get the upholstery in the Escape fixed up.  The headliner is coming down a little in the front and the vinyl siding on the interiors of the doors is coming loose.  I took it back to the Jeff Gordon place a couple weeks ago on a Friday, which is when they said their upholstery guy comes by.  I was told he’d need several hours to fix it and he’d need to do it at his shop.  So today I finally got around to pursuing that issue some more and was asked to bring it in for a manager to look at.  He looked at it and had Baker, the guy who sold me the car, call Classic Vinyl Repairs to talk to them about it.  I was given their number and called the guy, Joel, as I was pulling into the bank to drop off a check.

We want to get it taken care of before Labor Day, so I asked Joel if I could swing by for him to look at it.  He said I could, so I did.  He and a lady who works there took a look and came up with an estimate.  They said they thought Jeff Gordon would cover it, but of course they couldn’t speak on their behalf.  I’m hoping there won’t be any issue because if I’d noticed those things before I bought the car I’d have told them to have that stuff fixed and then I’d buy it.  Plus, I originally brought it in within the 30 day span during which I could return the car.  If they decide to not cover it now that I can’t return it, I’ll be highly upset.  I wouldn’t even worry about it, but the manager made some comment about it looking like it might be expensive.

Anyway, Joel told me he thought they’d probably cover it, but not the water damage on the sunroof cover.  That would cost an extra $150.  I might go ahead and do it, just so I won’t have to worry about it in the future.  I’m thinking it got there one time when the previous owner forgot to close the sunroof, but did close the cover.  I’ve got until Tuesday evening to think about it.

At one point in the afternoon, after Milly got up from her nap, she started crying like she’s hurt herself.  Amanda was fixing enchiladas, but we both ran over to her.  What we gathered was that Bruce had scared her.  She said she’d been trying to kiss him.  We couldn’t find a bite mark, but when I got Bruce out from under the bed he likes to go to I did notice that he had a hair band around his neck.  Not excusing him if he did do something, but if Milly was all in his face after putting something like that on him, I’m sure she was making him plenty uncomfortable.  My guess is he snapped at her, like he’ll do when he’s annoyed about anything, while she was trying to be sweet on him and it scared her.

We headed over to the Sawyers’ with enchiladas, a couple granola bars and a juice box for Milly and Isaac each.  Both Isaac and Airlie, the brand new baby, were napping.  Airlie was burritoed up in living room and Amanda and I both took a turn holding her.  Milly didn’t want to hold her, but she wasn’t as standoffish as she has been in the past when looking at newborns.

Isaac, who’s been on a very off-kilter schedule since the birth of his sister, having been bounced around to a couple different relatives while things got settled between the hospital and home, was woken up and, after taking a minute to wake up a bit more, played with Milly.  Kind of.  I mean, they played some, and then they both wanted to play different things in different rooms and kept shouting for the other to join them in their room doing their activity.

Amanda mostly talked with Jennifer and I talked a bit with David.  We were all discussing small group stuff before we realized the time and had to head out to eat our own enchiladas at home.  They invited us to share what we’d brought them, but we wanted them to have it.  Amanda said Jennifer texted her later to say they loved the enchiladas and wanted the recipe.  Amanda said it was on the back of a can, just add corn.

I forgot to take my phone to take pictures, if you can believe that.  I can’t remember the last time I went anywhere without it.

Small group, for the most part, was us, Stephanie and Jamie.  The Hausers got there a little later.  David A. showed up after we’d finished our discussion and Reece got there (to his own house) shortly before we were all about to leave.  The topic of the night was to discuss what to study next.  We landed on two Francis Chan works: one about Hell and one about the Holy Spirit.

After that we had a lively discussion about circumcision.

Zach Dotsey