You know how I had a feeling that the Jeff Gordon place wouldn’t want to pay for the upholstery in the Escape?  Well, my sales guy called me up today and said the manager said they’d pay half of it.  I collected my thoughts for a minute and I told him I was not happy with that.  There are several reasons.  If I hadn’t bought the thing as soon as they got it on the lot, they would have fixed it.  If I had noticed the issues before buying it, I’d have told them I’d buy it if they fixed it.  Lastly, I initially took it in before the 30 day return period to have it fixed, and if I’d have been able to leave it for a longer period of time that day, they would have fixed it.  It’s highly annoying that now that I’m past my return period they decide it’s too expensive.

On top of that, the upholstery guy told me the water spot on the sun roof cover would be an additional $150 that the dealership probably wouldn’t cover.  I was considering getting that taken care of, but if I do it now I’ll be out about $400, and it’s just not cool for me to be out that much money over something they would have fixed if I’d waited a little bit to buy the thing.

So anyway, I told my sales guy I wasn’t happy about that and to see what he could do.  I didn’t hear back today.

Milly, on a more positive note, was very snuggly this morning, which was sweet.

Amanda pointed out, yesterday I think, that Milly has been saying “yes,” instead of “yeah” or “yup” lately.  And she’s been very enunciative about it.  She kind of says it like “yess” and very distinctly.  Amanda noticed she did it when she picked her up from the Millards’, so we’re wondering if she picked it up from Maggie.  If so, it means she’s being trendy.  She saw that a friend of hers did something a certain way and made a conscious effort to do that too.  I tested her a few times throughout the day by asking her questions I knew she’d affirmate, and every time she would answer, “Yess.”

Affirmate, by the way, is not a word.  I could have used affirm, but it didn’t have the right feel to it in this case.  I guess I could have said “that I knew she’d say ‘yess’ to,” but I like affirmate.

I was very busy today, though Milly was pretty playful for the morning.  I’m at the point of wishing I had three of myself again.  What sucks is that most of the stuff I need to do isn’t stuff I can pass off to Michael or Amanda.  It’s stuff I’d have to teach, and by the time I did that I’d be better off doing it myself.

Milly’s always liked singing, but she seems to be doing even more of it lately.  It could be because the New Friends episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, the one featuring Jack Black, is on the On Demand station.  That one actually isn’t on Netflix.  The entire second season is except that episode.  Of course, that’s because it’s the greatest episode of Yo Gabba Gabba there is.  It’s also among the first ones we (that would be me, Amanda and Milly) ever watched.

Kirsten watched Milly tonight while Amanda and I went to a small gathering of married couple small group advocates at the church.  It wasn’t a big deal, but we ate tacos from Islands and got to know a few people better.

Kirsten was getting Milly ready for bed when we got home and she was in a pretty good, silly mood.  Kirsten asked her if she wanted her or me to get her ready for bed and Milly responded by tossing her clothes off and declaring that she’d get herself ready for bed.

One thing that impresses me with my child is how much she’ll do what she’s supposed to do (sometimes).  In tonight’s example, she had the light-up scepter that she’s borrowing from Maddox.  In the dark the thing can just about blind you and give you an epileptic seizure, so we allow her to play with it, but we set a limit on it, telling her she has to turn it off when Violet’s music goes off.  She wanted me to lay down with her, so I set Violet for two minutes, as is our custom, and to my surprise as soon as the music stopped she turned off the scepter.  It’s a little thing, but I find it really cool.

I thought we only had one episode of Breaking Bad left in season four, which is the end of what they’ve got on Netflix, but there were actually two, and we watched them both.  Congrats to Walt and Jesse for winning out over Gus, but oh my is Walt a bad, manipulative man.

Our spider sied yesterday.  There’s a banana spider that camped out at the end of our porch near the trashcan that we’ve enjoyed watching.  It actually molted a few days ago, which, since it died a few days later, seems like it was kind of a wasted effort.  There’s a little one in the web now, so maybe that one will get bigger.  I’ve always assumed the little ones in the webs with the big ones were underlings or something, but maybe it’ll grow and be as big as the other one was.

Zach Dotsey