Worked over half the day. Want to be able to relax and enjoy Labor Day weekend next week.

Took Milly to Jungle Rapids to play mini golf. Almost got a hole in one on her very first attempt! Started getting a little impatient towards the end, but she did well.  Would have ben even more awesome because you get a free game if you get a hole in one on the first and 18th holes.

I almost had a hold in one, but as my ball was about to go in some random kid stepped on the green right in front of my ball as he was walking through.  I was just about livid.  I mean, it ultimately didn’t matter, but who steps on a putting green while someone is playing?  I did get a free game out of it.

When we were leaving Milly saw machines where you could get suckers and wanted one.  Here’s the conversation we had in the car:

Milly: I want to buy a sucker.

Me: Did you bring your money?

Milly: Yes.

Me: Where is it?

Milly: In your pocket.

Smart girl.  Amanda and I had a good laugh about that one.

Went to Subway for early dinner then Wrightsville Beach Park so Milly could play for a bit.  After that we went to SurfBerry, and they had almost too many of the best flavors: cheesecake, cake batter, Reece’s peanut butter.  All that and Milly wanted vanilla, and she hardly put any toppings on it.  That was plenty though apparently because she was wound up and speaking in tongues on the way home.

Bonnie and Dave left a toy and magazines on our porch for Milly. Went over there for a bit to thank them. Bonnie gave her some Reece’s cups and Milly went to pee right away so she could have one.  She was a little more open after the re-infusion of sugar.

Came back and watched some of Toy Story, gave her a bath and watched some of Toy Story 2 while Amanda brushed her hair then watched two more Breaking Bads after we put her down.

Zach Dotsey