Cameras at church.  Had problems with headsets during rehearsal, figured out it was my pack.  We couldn’t hear the director during rehearsal and thought we might have to pretend we were live the whole time during the services, but they found a wireless headset for me and that fixed it.

Milly and Amanda came to the 9:00.  Amanda woke up late and got them both ready in 20 minutes.  I sat with Amanda, Anna, Barry and Hannah during the message.  Christian was on drums, first time we’ve seen them since their wedding.

Met Amanda and Milly at Barnes & Noble then we went to Belk’s to buy sunglasses.  Amanda’s are getting loose, I don’t have any that I particularly like.  They were on sale plus Amanda had leftovers of a gift card.

Milly went down for her nap, Amanda and I watched Breaking Bad then we went to Anna and Barry’s.  Saw Cody Stikeleather, he’ll be heading off to the Navy in April.  Jay and his gimp arm were there too.

Tried surfing, some of the waves caught me more than I caught them.  Apparently it was all-time yesterday, just kind of messy today, but Hannah and Barry caught some that looked fun.  I went in to wait to see if it would get better and ended up playing with Milly.  Amanda and Anna went in, so I told Amanda to go ahead and take the board and I’d take Milly when she was ready.

Amanda, Anna, Barry, Milly and I walked to Vito’s for dinner.  Brought a stroller and Milly wanted B to push her there and back.  Got an ice cream for Milly after and talked to the lady at the place- she had a 10 month old and was 19 weeks pregnant!

Home, tired.  Amanda and I watched Grimm and I was ready to fall asleep by the end- got up early and didn’t nap, though I did lie on the bed for about 15 minutes after we watched Breaking Bad.

Zach Dotsey