Milly was crying first thing this morning because she was knocking on the door while I was in the shower and I couldn’t come get her.  She got over it pretty fast though, and before long we were in the Escape and driving it to Jeff Gordon.  When we pulled up Milly saw Baker and said, “He’s going to show us how to get a new car.”  I asked him if he was tired of seeing me pull up in that thing yet.

I was dropping it off to get the upholstery fixed, and fifteen minutes later we left there with a GMC Terrain.  As I was leaving I called Amanda and told her, “These a-holes gave me a Terrain… and it’s nice.”  The implication is not, of course, that the guys at Jeff Gordon were actually assholes.  Quite the opposite, as they gave me a car that made me want to trade in the one I’ve got for the loaner I was driving.  The seats are super comfortable, it drives like a car (whereas the Escape is more of a truck), it’s got a touchscreen control panel, USB input, all kinds of stuff.

Since we were out and hadn’t eaten yet, I asked Milly where she’d like to eat and offered suggestions of Chick-Fil-A and McDonald’s.  She said McDonald’s, so to McDonald’s we went.  When we got there I asked what she wanted and she told the lady at the counter that she wanted a cheese biscuit.  I tried a sausage, egg and cheese McGriddle with a medium cup of orange juice.  Milly ordered milk at first, but then decided she wanted apple juice instead.  I let her pick out the seat and she chose a swivel chair.  I enjoyed taking her out.

She was picked up by Monique a few minutes after we got home.  She had Rosa and Emil with her along with another German visitor.  I can’t remember her name off the top of my head.  Anyway, I thought when Monique said something about getting Milly that they’d go do something in town, but they all went back to the Hausers’ and played all day.  Milly napped at some point, but yeah, she was gone until close to 6:00 I think.

The Warkentiens got back in town and Amy and Eli came to pick up Max.  Milly was watching Toy Story when they got there and Eli just planted himself on the couch and mostly stayed transfixed.  Milly’s been saying on an almost daily basis lately that she’s going to marry Eli, and when we asked her again she confirmed that it’s still her plan.  I told her to go ask Eli about it and he said yes, though I’m not sure if his eyes left the TV during the whole thing.

Despite having the house to myself all day, I still don’t feel like I got enough done today.  I set up the essentials of a new site for my friend Rick and listened to his podcast while I was working in the evening.  He and his co-hosts talked up the new site and Rick gave Nextwave a shoutout at the end.

Milly was brushing her teeth this evening when she decided she had to poop, and that actually went well.  Amanda rewarded her with three M&M’s (because she’s three?), which was not, in retrospect, probably the best thing since she was a) in the middle of brushing her teeth and b) getting ready to go to sleep.  But we do really want to get Milly over this pooping stigma she’s got, so hopefully the extra reward will help accomplish that.

Milly was a little bit would up, but it wasn’t so bad.  She wanted to run in the air, which is this thing we sometimes do before she goes to sleep where I hold her up under her armpits and run around the room while she runs her legs… run in the air.  Tonight it was just one lap, but the course was her room and ours.

Thought we caught up on Breaking Bad last night, but we were missing episode six.  Fortunately I realized it when I saw something I didn’t recognize on the “Previously on Breaking Bad…” bit.  The episode we watched tonight featured a very uncomfortable dinner with Jesse dining with Walt and Skyler, who seems about ready to go completely bonkers at any time.

Art Heyman, a Duke legend, died today.  He was way before my time, but I’ll always think of this video, where he fouled then was attacked by Larry Brown and a melee ensued.

Zach Dotsey