That’s a total untruth.

Amanda’s brother, Michael, texted me yesterday that he couldn’t wait for us to get caught up on Breaking Bad, so I texted him tonight that I couldn’t believe Walt shot Jesse.  Long story short, I convinced him that I had seen an episode newer than the one that aired Sunday night and had accidentally given away a huge spoiler.  To my knowledge, Walt will not be shooting Jesse next week.

At any rate, Amanda and I are now fully caught up on Breaking Bad, meaning that we’re going to have to start waiting for new episodes like the rest of the world.

Milly spent a lot of time playing in her room today.  She was up there a good chunk of the morning and later in the evening she had me and Amanda take almost all of her princess-related toys upstairs.  Amanda even let her paint her fingernails all by herself up there, and she did a good job.

She didn’t have much of a nap.  I went upstairs to get her a while after I put her down and she was still awake.  We went to meet Amanda for lunch at Brixx, and afterwards the two of them went to Brilliant Sky.  I really felt like getting out of the ouse for lunch.

Before Amanda met us there she went to Ulta to buy a new comb for Milly’s hair.  We haven’t been able to find the one that had been in use for a while and have had to brush Milly’s hair with a cheap, thin comb that bends when you brush it.  Of course Amanda found the other one after she got home.

I was driving the Terrain around today.  It’s got a camera in the back for going in reverse, and while it felt very unnatural to use that and not turn around while backing into a parking spot (which I did only because I wanted to use the camera), the thing is crazy accurate.  I stopped when I couldn’t see the white parking space divider line on the screen anymore, and sure enough when I got out and looked, the back of the car was exactly even with the line.

I stayed very busy with work and feel like I got a lot accomplished.  I’m finished or nearly finished with maybe half of the projects I’ve been working on now.  I think.  I had some issues with resources being used on my server and found out that one of the accounts had been infected with malware that was sending out spam emails.  I took care of it, but now I’ve got more work in needing to rebuild a website.  Fortunately it’s not a huge one.

Amanda put Milly back down for a nap, or at least a rest, after the two of them got home.  Amanda let her get up when she heard Milly shouting, “Mom!” from upstairs.  She said, “Mom!  I pooped and it smells really bad!”  Amanda went up to get her and opened the door to our room (where she’s been taking her naps for a while now, probably need to stop that soon, like tomorrow, since Amanda wants to work on putting away the ton and a half of clean laundry we’ve got) to find Milly naked and holding a loaded pullup.  I went upstairs to help.  Fortunately everything was contained.  There was one spot of something that might have been from that or it might have been a bit of yard debris brought in by the dogs.  I picked it up with a wipe just in case.

When we were praying with Milly tonight I mentioned being thankful for her imagination, so she sat up and started singing a Yo Gabba Gabba song about imagination, though I think she got the dance/actions of the characters a little confused with the lyrics.  The part I know goes:

Let’s pretend, we can pretend
We can use our imaginations
Let’s pretend, we can pretend
It’s our special power, imagination!

Milly’s version had something to do with covering your eyes and putting your arms out or opening your eyes wide or something.  Anyway, she’d sing a verse then one of us would have to say what we saw (with our imagination).  Straight from the show, but I thought it was really cool.

Amanda and I discussed health insurance tonight.  We’ll probably be getting some soon.

Amanda also mentioned that Caileigh Green, that would be Amanda’s mom’s cousin Jon’s daughter (essentially, Amanda’s cousin) will be going to the beach with the family for Labor Day and had told Aunt Patsy (Amanda’s grandmother’s twin sister) that she was glad Milly isn’t a little baby anymore.  I’m looking forward to watching them play together.  They’re about a year apart.

Hurricane Isaac has hit the Gulf Coast and is bringing lots of water with it.  I haven’t heard anything about the damage yet.

Zach Dotsey