Labor Day Weekend 2012 – Arrival

Milly happy to see Cobb.

Worked until about 11:30. Amanda and Milly went to Costco, left not long after they got back. Michael came with us.

Got to Topsail and helped unload things then unloaded our own things at the other beach house. Our first year in this one. The layout and floor plan is almost the exact same as the one we used to always get, but the furniture is older and there’s a standard definition tv. Upstairs bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a little private closet.

Spent most of the day out on the beach as family trickled in. Milly played with Caileigh and her dad’s girlfriend’s son, Thomas. I surfed for a little while, but there wasn’t much power behind the waves and it wasn’t great out. Jon went out after I came in.

We saw a shark on the other side of the pier. It wasn’t very far out and was very close to the pier. Couldn’t tell for sure, but it seems to have been a decent size.

Amanda and Karen drove back to our house to pick up a gallon of ice coffee she made this morning that she’d have had to toss out, but also to pick up some outside games we’d forgotten, like Bocce. I think they got our cornhole boards too.

Milly was pretty good the whole day with a few very minor exceptions, especially considering she didn’t have a nap. Took her back to the other house after dinner to clean her up.

Amanda made up a bed for her in the closet, which she was excited about at first. She got upset at all the noise though, as the younger crowd tends to congregate to this house after dark. I went in the room twice after hearing her yelling. She said noises were scaring her. She for in the bed Amanda and I will be sleeping in the second time. Should make for a interesting night.

Played Funglish. My team lost.

Zach Dotsey