Sleeping with Milly in the bed wasn’t all that bad, really. She slept diagonally and had her head on my knee for most of the night, so I didn’t feel like I could turn over or move very much.

Most of the night went fine. Amanda said Milly had a conversation in her sleep when she went to bed. The only hitch was when Milly woke up around 5:00 pooping. We took care of her, but I don’t think she slept much after that. Amanda got up with her at 6-something.

Michael came up to borrow a blanket from us then too. The downstairs, where he was sleeping in the entryway on an air mattress, was a lot folder than the upstairs and he didn’t have a blanket, so we gave him our comforter.

I later discovered an upstairs thermostat behind a door.

We had the usual big Labor Day weekend breakfast featuring Earl’s cheese biscuit. I had the best one ever, with a bunch of fried cheese hanging outside of it.

A few of us surfed for a bit, though it wasn’t great. I went in after a bit to see if Milly wanted to go in the water, but she was too busy playing with Cailey and Thomas. We eventually went in to get some lunch and then Milly got fussy so I put her down for a nap.

Some of us hung out over at the other house for a bit and played Ticket to Ride, which I won by a fair margin. It rained pretty hard right before dinner and some of us ran back over to the other house while others got a ride from Christian, who had to go back tonight.

Tonight was fish dinner night, which is pizza night for those of us who don’t like fish. We let Milly hang out a little late then went back over to the other house again, where Amanda gave her a bath.

Milly was sweet going to bed. She wanted to sleep together like a family. I told her we would later when Amanda and I went to bed, but it’s not something we’ll do back at our house. I stayed with her a couple minutes and talked for her Woody doll, whom she asked to tell her a couple stories. I lifted them all from the Toy Story movies.

Afterwards a few of us played Seven Wonders. Ryan’s girlfriend Meg won, even though she had no idea what she was doing and didn’t really get of like the game. We played another game of Ticket to Ride after that, and I won again.

Duke’s football team won their season opener against Florida International. I didn’t see it, but I kept up with it a bit online and aside from their ability to tackle, it sounded like people were very pleased with the 46-26 win.

Zach Dotsey