Up with Milly around 6:30.

Amy brought Eli and Ada over just as breakfast was starting this morning. Milly shouted in the living room that she was going to marry Eli. Eli turned to someone and said, “Milly’s going to marry me.” They stayed for a few hours.

A bunch of us went out surfing after eating. The surf was pretty fun with easy to catch waves. The sets were spread a bit, so it was easy to get back out too.

When I got out from surfing Amanda told me Milly had had a bit of a meltdown and was inside, so I went in to check on her and get some lunch. After a while I bribed her with Pirate’s Booty (saying that tends to make her laugh) to go back to the other house and lie down. We both took a nap and she woke up just before Reece, Stephanie, Jacob and Emma Love came over.  (The Warkentiens had left by then.)

We went out to the beach and were going to surf, but Barry had the Terry board and Jonathan had Blue. Terry is Barry’s of course, and I could have taken Blue from Jonathan, but he’s been really excited about having the chance to surf, and it’s not like he gets much of a chance to do it given that he lives in Oxford, so I didn’t worry about it.

Stephanie went out to try to surf.  Reece didn’t want to stick me and Amanda with Jacob and Emma Love even though we told him it was fine, so I swam out and helped instruct Stephanie.  She caught a few waves.

After she came in Reece went out and I joined him a few minutes later, caught a few waves.  It was time for spaghetti dinner, so we went in and ate then the Johnsons left.

Amanda, Milly and I went back to the other house for showers.

A few of us played Puerto Rico and I won, though I really didn’t expect to.

Zach Dotsey