Mom said Milly did pretty good sleeping with them last night.  Dad said he woke up at one point and she had gotten on the floor.

Helped Dad with Mr. Carden’s pony.  It got out yesterday and they had it running around with the horses in the fields, but they had some sort of trouble when Mom was loading up one of the horses.  Apparently one of them was in heat and the tiny pony tried to mount a horse and got kicked for his efforts.  They put him in a pen, but he kept stomping and trying to jump out of it.  I went to help Dad when Mom left.  He figured out a way to control the pony, which was to spray him in the face with a water hose any time he acted up.

They had tried to take the pony back earlier, but he wouldn’t budge.  Dad got Mr. Carden and we were able to get a bridle and a couple ropes on him and he followed Mr. Carden back decently well.

Jackson swam with Milly and Addison.  I was on edge for a bit because the pool is too deep for the girls, but Jackson handled them well.  I did take my phone out of my pocket in case I had to jump in.

Girls went shopping, Mom and Dad took Milly, Jackson and Addison to Don and Dell’s to ride their Mule.  Not the animal, the golf cart type thing.  Josh and I sat around the house.  Girls returned with stuff for the kids, including an Ariel doll for Milly (belated birthday present) and an Auntie Rin (Brave) blanket, since Erin gave Addison her Jenn bag.  Jackson got an Angry Birds sticky ball thing that sticks to walls, which all the kids loved and kept wanting to play with.

While Amanda, Erin and Andra were gone, Milly and Addison played pretty well together.  They went upstairs and when I went to check on them they’d gotten into some kind of lotion or something of Erin’s and I found a razor dipped into it.  Milly told me she’d shaved her leg, and sure enough she’s got a hairless spot on the front of her leg just above her ankle.  I have to admit she did a pretty good job.

Purpose of the trip was to check out a scanner that might be the foundation of a business.  Took us a bit of time to get the scanner put together.  Took us all a while to get it set up and working.

Zach Dotsey