Had a really hard time sleeping last night.  Last time I looked at the clock it was 4:30.  Did think of some new business ideas while I was lying there awake though.

Adam and Josh slept in chairs on the porch last night.  Said it was fine until the sun came up and the birds started chirping.  Milly and Addie both slept with their Mum Mum and Pap.  Milly didn’t go down as easily last night.

Amanda and Andra made tutus for Milly and Addison with material they bought yesterday.

We played with the scanner some more and decided it took way too long and wasn’t automated enough.

We left the Rouge around 3:00.  Trip home was pretty uneventful, though it’s worth noting that the Escape drove fine.  I think Harvey probably enjoyed the trip better because we took several boxes of photographs to Rougemont and came home with more space in the back.  Amanda thought the gas was going quicker, but it turns out that the tank was only a little lower than the Jetta’s when making the same trip, though that doesn’t account for difference in gas tank size.

Personally, I like driving the Escape.  It’s much taller and I feel like it’s more open.  Amanda’s not as comfortable in it and feels there are bad blind spots.

Zach Dotsey