I worked from about 9:30 to 7:30 today.  I had pancakes with the girls somewhere in that time, and I also took some short breaks, like when I went upstairs to tickle Milly and let her use me as a jungle gym for a bit, or when she wanted me and Amanda to dance with her to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse‘s Hot Dog Song.  But for the most part I did a lot of stuff on some websites and another one is now pretty much done.  I’ve got one big one I want to focus on for next week.

Amanda and Milly went out a couple times today. Amanda’s dad, Phil, called a couple minutes after Milly had gone down for a nap and said he was on town, so Amanda got Milly up and they all met Michael at Chop’s.  Amanda brought me back parts of three leftover sandwiches and part of a bag of some really good BBQ potato chips, and that’s what I had for lunch.

The second time they went out was to go to Aaron Andrews’s birthday party.  It was requested that nobody bring presents, but Amanda remembered Jamie talking about how Noah’s hand-me-downs weren’t the right winter size for Aaron, so Amanda picked up a long-sleeved shirt for him I think.  She also got Milly a shirt with Bambi on it, which she had me speak for when she showed it to me.

They actually went out one other time, but it was a walk down the street so Milly could play with Maddox.  Milly said she was going to marry Eli and Maddox was going to come to the wedding.  I asked her what Maddox would do at the wedding and she said, “He’s going to watch me dance with Eli.”  #Heartbreaker.

They got home and Milly had a bath.  I read The Lorax to her while Amanda brushed her hair.  Milly thanked Jesus for shadows and her princesses for her prayers then, as I was lying down with her, she told me another story about Ariel and Ursul then had her Cinderella and Jasmine dolls sing ABC for me.  I could still hear her singing when I went downstairs.

Amanda and I watched The Soup and didn’t have any other shows to watch.  I suggested she check out Chronicle, but she wasn’t feeling it.  We did watch Super 8 though.  It had a real 80’s Spielberg kid movie feel to it (which is essentially what it was, being a film about kids having an adventure in 1979).

Zach Dotsey