I feel like I didn’t see Milly all that much today.  She got up and we played tackle for a while (where I sit on the floor and she runs into me from across the room), but I took her over to Nick and Amy’s to play with Eli after Amy texted and asked if Milly would like to go over and play.

Amanda picked her up after she got off work, but I was on the phone when they got home and Milly wen right upstairs to take a nap, and she took a long one.  In fact, she didn’t get up until about 4:30 when I went upstairs to take a shower.  I left the house a little before 5:00 to go run a camera for an event at church tonight, and when I got home she was asleep.  So, wow, I probably had an hour or so with her today.

She was pretty fun on the ride to Eli’s house though.  She was telling me stories about Ariel and Ursul (which is her name for Ursula, the sea witch on The Little Mermaid).

The thing at church was a State of the Church meeting, which they have every year.  I got there at 5:15 and we had a run-through for the music, which was a bit more chaotic than usual, but it all went fine in the end.  Amanda rode with Amy and they came back to the green room, which is where the music and production people get to sit around between things.  Amanda sat with Amy, Monique and Ashley and I joined them to listen to Mike Ashcraft speak when I was done.

I should probably stay away from political posts on Facebook.  In the last few days I’ve seen several posts that I felt strongly compelled to comment on.  One derided the president for calling Muslims a peace-loving people while at the same time lumping them in with the 9/11 terrorists.  (Never mind that President Bush and Mitt Romney have both said essentially the same thing.)  Another expressed outrage over a whole bunch of things.  One of those things was an out-of-context quote and the rest were all demonstrably false.  I really just can’t help myself.

I failed to mention the other day that several US embassies were attacked on September 11.  They started off as protests against a cheap and terrible movie (I watched small bits of it) that portrayed Islam in a negative light and, more particularly, cast Muhammed in an offensive light.  The protests were probably a cover, it now seems, for the attacks.  The diplomat in Libya was killed along with three other Americans.  More protests are expected tomorrow after Friday prayers.

Zach Dotsey