I didn’t get to go to Milly’s dance class today, which I think will be pretty common, although I’m pretty close to being caught up (which is a little scary) with all the things I’ve been doing.  I really only have one major site to finish up.  Once I’m done with that I plan to really start pushing the social networking/SEO package.

Anyway, Amanda told me tonight that Milly was frustrated a little during the tap session of her dance class because she wasn’t quite getting the shuffle and she was trying really hard.  I think it’s cool that she can recognize that she’s not doing something like that fully the right way and have feelings on it.  It’s not something like putting a cap on a bottle or something where you can definitely tell you’re not doing it right, you know?

Amanda went out with the small group girls and a few others to a wine tasting tonight.  It was a deal she and a few of the others got from Living Social.  She said the samples were generous and she went to Buffalo Wild Wings afterwards to get a little something to eat before coming home.  She brought me some honey BBQ chicken… yum!

I tried to play with Milly and suggested things like drawing, but she wasn’t too interested in doing much of anything.  She was actually a little moody, so our evening together wasn’t as much fun as I’d have liked it to be.

After she went to bed I played Civ V with David.  He was beating me pretty bad when the game froze up, but we were both having fun regardless.

Zach Dotsey