Worked through the day, got a little done on one of the sites I really wanted to get done.

Went to Islands for dinner with Fuzzy Peach for dessert. Met Michael and Jenn there, though Milly wouldn’t talk to them until we were done and about tiger dessert. It was there first time there. I think Jenn only ate chips.

Amanda went out with small group girls to watch The Lucky One. I stayed home with Mikky, Callie and Brynn. Greg Mason had asked earlier if we could watch their girls tonight or tomorrow, and we’ve got a busy evening tomorrow. Amanda reminded me she wouldn’t be around, but I figured Milly and Callie would pretty much just take care of themselves and Brynn has always liked me.

Before Amanda or Greg and Allison left, I was walking down the street with the three girls. Milly was on her scooter, Callie was in Milly’s tricycle and I was pulling Brynn in the wagon. We went most of the length if the neighborhood and down one cul-de-sac before turning around.

Te girls switched at one point, but Milly is definitely better in the scooter and Callie is definitely better on the trike. Milly did show some new improvement by putting her kicking foot (right) on the scooter to coast a bit, and she started using the brake, though she hasn’t quite figured out the purpose of it or when to use it.

On the way back they decided to join Brynn in te wagon, which was actually fine with me because they had switched vehicles and were going very slow. At first Milly wanted me to put Brynn on the tricycle to make room in the wagon, but she ends up sitting on a cup holder between the sisters. Milly and Callie were making funny faces, which Brynn seemed to find amusing.

As soon as we got back to the house amillu and Callie tossed off most of their clothes and grabbed princess dressed to play dress up. They spent the next little bit playing in Milly’s room. Brynn and I were up there for a bit and at one point Milly told Brynn, “You’re so little!”

Brynn and I left the bigger girls and went downstairs and I put her down in the pack & play a few minutes later at about 7:40. Milly and Callie decided to play downstairs, which is where they stayed until around 8:30 when Greg and Allison got back from a nice dinner to pick up their girls.

As much as Milly and Callie love playing together, thy usually have at least one small spat or misunderstanding, but that didn’t happen this time. Th only things that came close were when Callie was sucking he thumb and not talking, both of which slightly upset Milly.

After I put Milly down I decided to relax with a beer and a game of Civ V. Amanda got home maybe an hour later, but she went to bed shortly after.

Zach Dotsey