Milly was up at about 8:00 this morning. She was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as soon as I let her out of her room. I love hearing her sing, but I was trying to keep her relatively quiet so Amanda could keep sleeping and I think I hurt her feelings when I suggested she sing quietly. I felt bad and it didn’t matter anyway because Amanda was calling for her a minute later.

I went to the store to grab some eggs so Amanda and Milly could make us pancakes for breakfast. We hung out for a bit and watched an episode of Little Einsteins together. Milly was sitting on my lap and was particularly interactive with this episode.

Afterwards she wanted to go to the store to get a doughnut and I thought a walk might be nice. Since she did so well on her scooter yesterday I suggested she ride it to the store, so she, Amanda and I took off together. We saw Christin outside when we passed the Griffin house, so she and Maddox joined us on our trip to the store.

Maddox rode his scooter too, but any time he got off his Milly would want to get off hers, so we parents ended up pushing of carrying the scooters a bit of the way for the trip there and the whole trip back. When we came out of the store another patron commented about having noticed the scooters being parked outside the door and it being cute.

Maddox had already had doughnut holes and wasn’t allowed to get a doughnut, so while we sat outside he watched Milly eat hers and Christin said he had doughnut envy.

Like I said, the kids mostly walked the way back and they were holding hands for part of it, which was cute. Maddox kept stopping to pick up acorns, so I showed them how to walk arm in arm, which was also cute.

Maddox came back to the house with us and Christin came over after making a work call. She, Amanda and I chatted at the kitchen table while the kids played upstairs and downstairs and watched an episode of Little Einsteins.

They took off around 1:30. Milly napped and I was going to mow the lawn, but I really didn’t feel like it and so I took a nap too. Milly was up an hour later and came to wake me up, but I stayed down for a bit longer anyway.

Milly decided to make a necklace for Kirsten, whose birthday was today. She then decided that she needed to decorate her gift box, so the necklace became a bracelet.

After stopping to pick up hot dogs and buns we went to the Kays’ house for a good-bye party for Tim and Jenny Cain. It was for their past small groups, so the guest list included (aside from us, them and the hosts) the Johnson’s, Warkentiens, Nowaks and Wickers.

We were there for a bit, but we had to leave for a previously-scheduled engagement, which was Kirsten’s birthday party.  Amanda’s grandparents and parents, Michael and Jenn were there, along with, obviously, the Frazelles.  I guess I should say the Blacks were there too, or half of them anyway.  Christian was doing a show out of town, but Hannah was there for her sister, of course.

Zach Dotsey