Karen took Milly to Topsail today.  Some cousins on her dad’s side were there.  Anna, who also went up there for a visit, brought Milly back home a little after 5:00, just a few minutes before Amanda got home from work.

I got quite a bit done, and while I say this often, I’m pretty close to being caught up, which actually isn’t a bad thing.  I’ve got a lot of my own stuff I need to catch up on, like updating the portfolio.  I’ve also been considering a new design for the site.  On top of all that I’ve got a new service that I really want to put a big focus on, and if that goes well it could really, really change things.

We introduced Milly to Cinderella tonight.  It was mainly something to do to distract her from watching YouTube videos of Disney princesses without me or Amanda having to do too much, since it was a long day for us both.  (Just being honest.)  She was really into it for a few minutes, then she got bored, so we asked if she wanted to watch the part where she becomes a princess and all that, so we skipped ahead to the scene with the fairy godmother.  She watched it all from that point on.

Amanda was excited because the new season of How I Met Your Mother started up tonight.

Zach Dotsey