I’ve talked to a few people about the new idea I mentioned yesterday.  I mentioned it to Barry a week or two ago, and he thought it was a great idea, though he missed the point a little bit when he suggested I have clients do a good portion of what I planned to do, which kind of goes against them paying me as much as I was going to charge them.

I chatted with Evan Vetter today to consult with him about some video work and ended up telling him a bit of my idea, which he also thought was a good one.

And then I talked to Amanda about it today.  I hadn’t talked to her about it yet because I was fleshing it out and she tends to be skeptical of new ideas.  Scratch that, she’s not skeptical, but I don’t always explain things well to her, or sometimes she just sees things from a different perspective.  At any rate, aside from quibbling over a few of the specifics, she liked the idea and came up with a few additional ideas.  I told her she’d need to quit her job when I got three clients signed up for it.

Milly does’t really nap all that much anymore.  I mostly tell her she needs to go take a nap or a rest now, which she does, but how much she actually naps or rests is up for debate.

Amanda took Milly to dance class this afternoon.  She said Milly just stopped at one point and when Miss Michele asked her what was wrong she said she was tired and wanted to go take a rest.  I don’t know that she actually was tired.  As I said, she didn’t really sleep during her nap time, but she’s usually not at all tired.  She has told me and Amanda sometimes that she wants to take a rest in the evening, but I think it’s usually because she just wants to go lie in our bed.

Amanda made spaghetti with meatballs, asparagus and bread with “the black and the yellow dipit” (as Milly would call it) for dinner tonight.  I Instagrammed a picture of it that got a lot of favorable responses.  It was, of course, very good.

I spent a bit of time on Skype this evening teaching my old friend Rick how to use his website, the Wicked Radio Network.  It was after 9:30 when I was done with that, so Amanda and I just watched an episode of Revenge before she went to bed.

Zach Dotsey