Milly had a few particularly good quotes that I remember from today.  The first was shortly after she woke up and was changing from her pullup to her panties, when Cobb, our cat, brushed up against her.  She said, “I think Cobb wants to wear my panties. Cobb, you don’t wear panties. Cats don’t wear panties. Or dogs. Or spiders.”

The second was a little later when she was brushing her teeth.  I told her she’d be going to play with Maggie later, so she told me, “I have to brush my teeth because you can’t have tooth that are yucky when you go see a friend. That’s not right.”

The last was after I finished lying down with her after putting her to bed.  She told me she had bad dreams, so I asked her about that, then she changed her mind and said she had good dreams.  When I asked what she dreamed about, she said, “I dream about butterflies and birds and people nice and Lion King, too. Lion King is the best.”  So I told her maybe she could watch Lion King tomorrow then she gave me a bunch of kisses and kept hugging me, which was sweet even though she was stalling.

I took Milly to play over at Maggie’s house at 10:00.  The girls went out to play and I sat and talked with Kevin for a bit.  I told him my new idea and then we talked about a couple other things, including this outdoor fitness thing he was going to check out tomorrow.  It’s these people who take a truck full of equipment and such to different parks and they work out as a group once or twice a week.  I was intrigued, so I’m going to go check it out with him tomorrow.

I got a good bit of stuff done, but man, it seems like there’s always just a little more.  There are three projects I’m just so close to finishing, and then I can start rolling out my idea.

I think Milly actually napped today, though she was knocking on the door as soon as Amanda got home with our lunch from Cookout.  She stayed a little late to finish some things up.  After lunch she and Milly went out for a bit.  She needs to find Milly some jean shorts for a dance thing, but she hasn’t been able to find any anywhere.  They also went to Mayfaire and Milly used some of her own money to buy an Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Barbie doll.  They went to Brilliant Sky, where the employees actually know her.

Milly continued her fascination with cooking at her little kitchen today.  I called Andra to tell her happy birthday and let Milly talk to her Aunt Dra for a minute.  She told her she was cooking and I think Andra asked if she was cooking a birthday cake for her, so after we got off the phone Milly had me sit with her and tell her how to make a birthday cake.  I would list ingredients and she’d pour things into her little pot.  She and Amanda did make some real muffins together.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched Thursday TV shows and whatnot.  Amanda decided it was time to change the sheets when she saw that Harvey, who likes to get lie on the bed sometimes when we’re not around and tends to shed dirt on it, had left a few lick spots on her side of the bed.  So I’m kind of looking forward to going to bed tonight with the nice, clean sheets, unless Harvey’s dirtied up my side.  Sometimes he hangs out in my spot, which is fine by me when the comforter is up, but when the sheets slip down I usually have to wipe them off first.  And sometimes that’s after having to force him to move.  A few nights ago he wouldn’t move no matter how much I told him to move or tugged and pulled on him, so I finally had to just scoop him up and shove him to the end of the bed.

Zach Dotsey