Yesterday, Kevin Millard invited me to try out a workout that he was going to check out himself this morning.  It’s a company with a mobile gym that sets up on different mornings at different parks and does various intense workouts.  I might him at his house this morning and he, his brother-in-law Daniel, and I went to do it.

Okay, I haven’t worked out in a while, but I have done P90X here and there.  The workout they were doing today was upper and lower body with a bit of a core workout thrown in.  Each exercise was thirty seconds and you ended up doing them twice.  The first thing I did was a sled push, which seemed easy enough, but after a couple exercises my legs felt like spaghetti.  I ended up sitting out a few of the upper body workouts because I was feeling lightheaded.

And yes, I’ll admit, I threw up when it was all done (though I went to where nobody could see me).  Two things about that though.  #1: I felt a lot better after I did that.  #2: I really should have known better than to eat a bowl of cereal before going to an intense workout.

After I got home and showered I spent the rest of the day busily working on some websites.  One in particular gave me some fits as I was trying to figure out how a WordPress theme was conflicting with a plugin that was absolutely necessary for the site’s main function.  After doing a good bit of research and trial and error, I finally did get it fixed.  I was elated.

Amanda and Milly went to Costco and maybe another place or two, I can’t remember.  They came back and Milly went down for a rest, then Amanda went back out to sign some paperwork for our HSA account and pick up some things at the grocery store for dinner.

The Warkentiens came over around 6:00.  We ate enchiladas and watched The Lorax.  Eli had seen it a number of times, but it was Milly’s first time watching it.  I think we all enjoyed it well enough.

Ada finally seems to be taking at least a little bit of a liking to me.  She’s getting so big, walking around and making talkish noises.  I think she really likes Milly.  Milly still isn’t too into kids who are too young to talk, but she seems to be coming around a bit.

After the kids went to bed we adults played Ticket to Ride together on our various devices, with me, Nick and Amy on iPhones and Amanda on her iPad.  Fortunately my phone had connection issues and messed up the first game we tried in the early rounds, because my destination cards were terrible.  I got much better destinations on the second game we started and won by about 20 or so.

After that we watched the season premiere of Fringe, which is based on the future that one episode of last season gave us a glimpse of.  I wondered at first if that was just going to be a story arc or what, but at the end when they showed scenes of what the rest of the season holds it looked like the whole season will be in this future timeline, which is definitely an interesting direction to take with a show.

When that was done our night devolved into chatting and watching YouTube videos.

Zach Dotsey