Milly up around 7:30.  Heard her stomp across the floor and bang on her door as I was trying to get the dogs to go downstairs quietly.  She rested in bed with me and Amanda for a bit, then we all played around for a little while.

Nick picked me up and we took a long route to the Cains’.  The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge was closed so traffic was way backed up on 74 and the Isabella Homes Bridge.  Even worse traffic trying to get from Leland to Wilmington.

Helped the Cains pack, total of about ten people so it went pretty fast.  Going to miss them.

Nick and I were trying to decide how to get back home because traffic was even more backed up then before, so we decided to take some backroads.  Went from Leland to Reiglewood to his house in Castle Hayne.  Saw local areas I’d never seen before.  Took about an hour, which we found out was about the same amount of time it took to go the usual route home.  Just less frustrating since we didn’t have to sit in traffic.

While consulting with Nick about checking routes we almost ran into a stopped line of cars.  Nick swerved into the empty other lane then backed up.  The cars had been moving before.

Amanda was at Nick and Amy’s because Amy had to go shoot a wedding.  We all piled into the Escape: me, Amanda, Milly, Nick, Eli and Ada, and went to the Aquarium.  Amanda and I got a two year pass.  It’s $100, but we get into the Aquarium, the Zoo and several other places for free.  It’ll easily pay for itself.  Had a nice time there.

We all went back to the Warkentiens’.  On the way back we passed a wedding where the bride was just about to walk up to the arbor they had set up.  Eli said he was going to marry Milly, which is a change since she’s usually the one to bring it up.  They said that back and forth a bit and then I asked Milly when she was getting married.  She said three hours.

I went out and got a pizza and we all watched Cars 2.  Put the kids to bed and watched Hunger Games, which Nick hadn’t seen.  I was kind of tired and figured I’d fall asleep, so I didn’t fight it.

Chatted with Nick for a bit then got Milly and headed home.  She barely woke up at all until we arrived back home.  I put her to bed and stayed with her for a couple minutes.  She was very cuddly.

All in all today, I traveled to or through the following towns: Wilmington, Leland, Reigelwood, Currie, Rocky Point, Castle Hayne, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Fort Fisher.

My legs are very tight from yesterday’s workout.  Anything involving bending my legs today was a bit of an effort.

Duke beat Wake Forest 34-27 today.  It was the first time the Blue Devils beat the Demon Deacons since 1999 and the 4-1 start is the best Duke’s had since 1994, or so I’ve read.

Zach Dotsey