Today was mostly overcast and a little bit drizzly, so it was one of those days where once we got home from church and Mayfaire (along with a stop at Target), we didn’t feel like doing much.

At Target Milly wanted to ride in a cart with two seats attached to the front, which Amanda and I relented on and allowed, though it was ridiculous because the thing was huge and we hardly had anything in the cart.  We went there to get pullups, which Milly just ran out of, but we also looked for jean shorts, which she needs for a dance event next week, and a belt, because some of her pants show her booty every time she bends over.

Amanda’s been looking for jean shorts all over the place, but has yet to find any Milly can use, so she cut the legs off some old jeans after we got home.

We found some belts, but the ones that fit Milly came in three packs and one of the belts was too long, so we didn’t want to buy it.

At the checkout Milly saw this not-very-attractive baby Ariel doll and wanted it really badly.  I guess she was getting tired, but she started crying when we told her she couldn’t get it.  it gave us an idea, though.  See, she’s well over three years old now, and we’re tired of buying pullups, and since we were buying pullups yet again, we told her that if she when she can go seven days without peeing in her pullups at bedtime and nap time, she could get the doll or another toy.

Amanda mentioned that to Christin later on, and she said she and Gavin did a similar thing with Maddox, but he started peeing again after they gave him the toy.  So Amanda’s got ideas on changing it up a little.

Anyway, Milly napped when we got home and Amanda and I watched Big Bang Theory then decided to watch Taken, the 2008 movie starring Liam Neeson.  I always wanted to see it, but we never got around to it, and with a sequel just now being released I’ve had a mind to watch it.

Of course, Milly woke up (or started making noise, if she ever had fallen asleep) less than halfway through the movie, so at first we decided to watch the rest of it tonight, but then Amanda suggested that maybe Milly would like to watch a movie and/or play with some of her dolls upstairs, so she sat on our bed with her little Disney princesses, a few Barbie-sized ones and I think one or two baby doll-sized ones and introduced them all to Tangled.  She called on us now and then for a few things, but we got through the movie.

I decided to mow the lawn and Amanda texted Christin to see if Maddox wanted to play.  Amanda and Milly left while I was working on the front yard.  Before they left Milly stuck her head out the door and was saying something to me, so I let the mower die and asked what she’d said.  She’d been asking me if I was fine.  I told her I was and thanked her for asking.  As they were walking down our lawn she asked me again.  “Daddy, are you fine?”  Such a caring child.

After I finished I swept the porch, walkway and driveway (as much as I could with two cars on it), took a shower then walked over to the Griffins’ myself.  It was sprinkling lightly, so I took an umbrella.  The umbrella turned out to be the end of the visit because Milly was holding it and wasn’t being very careful with it, so I took it away from her and she started crying.  Amanda told me that when they first got there Milly ran inside and faceplanted and had been fussy ever since.

We talked to Bonnie and Dave for a minute as we were heading back.  Bobo got out and Dave, Milly and I walked down to the street to look for her.  Milly copied all the things Dave was doing to try to get her to come.  That is one fast dog, by the way.

Once inside we gave Milly a bath then put her to bed.  Amanda and I watched the two-hour season premiere of Law & Order: SVU, which had all kinds of conspiracies and twists and turns.

Zach Dotsey