Milly had another good night last night, though it wasn’t as good as the night before.  She’d used the potty (then closed it and put it in her bed for some reason), but she had also gone in her pullup.  Not wanting her effort to be for nothing, I offered her a choice between a chocolate chip, a dollar (which we’re giving her the option of in order to earn money towards that Arial doll) or a sticker for the Ariel Progress Chart.  She chose the dollar.  She also did #2 in the potty during her nap.

It was a rainy morning today and Milly told me she wanted to look for a rainbow, so when it wasn’t too bad out we got umbrellas and walked down the street a little bit.  Milly commented that it was a sunny day, so I had to point out all the gray clouds.  I mean, it wasn’t totally overcast at that point, but it was far from what I’d call sunny.

When we got back in she wanted to draw, so I got her markers and a piece of paper.  She’d seen Bonnie’s cat, Ladybug, from the window, so she decided to draw her.  I should have taken a picture of it, because it actually looked like a four-legged animal (if not a cat).  She also drew a big Cobb, our own cat, on the same paper, but it was in yellow (because Cobb’s yellow) and was hard to see.  I had her sign it and we gave it to Bonnie when she got home this evening.  She did a nice job with the M, the I, L and L were all straight lines and she struggled a little with the Y, which Amanda later pointed out looked like a Japanese character.

Amanda took Milly to dance class where Milly once again didn’t participate the entire time. She says she likes it, but she doesn’t do what she’s supposed to do.  We’re probably not going to put her in the thing at the Riverfest this weekend just because she doesn’t know the routine at all yet.  We’re hoping this is just a phase, because if not we’ll pull her from the classes, and I’ll be out a lot of website work if that’s the case (as we bartered a lot of dance classes for redesigning their website).

I met the girls at The Fuzzy Peach afterwards.  Milly wanted to ride with me since I said I had to get gas, and she wanted to help me.  Since it wasn’t crowded I let her help me with everything but putting the nozzle in the tank (though she did have her hand on it) and pulling the trigger.

I worked on things until about 7:00 then we took a little walk after giving Bonnie her picture.  Milly got a bath after that then Amanda and I watched Grimm from last week and a couple episodes of Revenge.

Zach Dotsey