It wasn’t really a dental appointment for her.  Amanda and I were scheduled at 3:00 and 2:00 respectively, so I took Milly to Barry’s office and Amanda met us out there.  Throughout my entire dental cleaning Milly kept asking when it would be her turn.  Barry examined her teeth after Amanda’s appointment I think.  I wasn’t there because I’d forgotten my phone at home so I couldn’t check messages or email and I was getting antsy (for no real reason, it turned out).  Barry does it just to help kids get comfortable with seeing a dentist.  When she got home I asked Milly about it and she baed her teeth for me and told me that B had said she had good teeth.

Milly actually didn’t want to leave the house, which is what I attribute forgetting my phone to.  She was kind of fussy and I wanted to get lunch, so I was hurrying out the door.  I’d meant to bring the iPad too, just in case she got fidgety.  I realized I’d left the phone by the time we got to MLK, but I didn’t want to turn back around to get it at that point.

We had lunch at Burger King.  I saw an ad about their new chicken parm sandwich and wanted to check it out.  It was pretty good.

When we walked in there was a little black girl who smiled and waved to Milly.  She seemed to really like Milly and kept looking at her and smiling just about the whole time, but Milly didn’t really respond until we were leaving.  She tends to be shy about smaller kids.  I don’t know what the deal is.  While we were eating Milly did point to some people in line and observed that they had dark skin like Rosa.

When we got to Barry’s office I pointed out an egret in the pond next to the building, and since we had a few minutes I walked her over to look at it.

The dental appointment wasn’t terribly noteworthy.  A lot of people kept commenting on how cute Milly is and she behaved pretty well.  She got a bag to take home with her that included a toothbrush and toothpaste, a bouncy ball, a bookmark, two small hourglasses, a sticker a tattoo and I think something else.  Actually I put the tattoo on her while we were there.  It’s Spider-Man.

I got home before the girls, of course, and took care of a few small work things then read the chapter in Erasing Hell that we were doing tonight, which reminded me how charitable I’m not.

We took Milly to Learning Express to meet up with Kookie, but when we got there we found out that it was already closed, so Kirsten took Milly to Brilliant Sky instead then to Atlanta Bread.  We’d forgotten to give her a key to the house, so I told her to get one from one of our neighbors, who always has a key.

Small group was good.  Nick and Tristan came again and were engaged in the conversation, so that was good.  The Stuffs lead the discussion and did a fine job.  Simon’s sister, visiting from Germany, joined as well.

When we got home Amanda and I watched the presidential debate.  The consensus is that Mitt Romney won the debate, and while I agree that his presentation was better, I didn’t feel that we got any real details from him, which has been my biggest problem with him.

Oh, Milly peed in the potty overnight again, though I think it might have actually been this morning and I think she might have done it just to show something was in there because there wasn’t much and her pullup was pretty full, which is a shame.  She did poop in the potty all on her own during nap time again though, which is really great.

Zach Dotsey