Took Milly to the Warkentiens almost first thing today so I could go to a meeting.  I was helping a couple people with a couple things as I was leaving, so I was a little rushed, but I got there on time still.

The meeting was to discuss a redesign with a client, but also to discuss using him as a guinea pig for a new service, which he thought was a good idea.  It’s the first phase in my new direction for Nextwave, so I bought an iPad.  For Nextwave, not for me, and because it’s somewhat integral to the plan.  If it doesn’t pan out then I guess I have a company iPad.

Spent rest of the day doing small jobs, plotting best way to set up iPad for my purposes.

Warkentien kids came over for a bit this afternoon.  Ada cried once when I left the room so I picked her up and she rested on my chest while I lay on the couch for a few minutes, which made me miss when Milly would do that.

Maddox came over later and Christin had me look at her iPhone because it wasn’t working right.  I think the problem was too many pics and vids.  Gavin came over for a few minutes too.

Milly has liked getting on the elliptical lately.  Told me this evening that she’d a big girl because she’s exercising.  I put up the old pullup bar yesterday and have been doing a few every time I go through the office door.  Milly wanted to try it and was actually able to pull herself up seven times once and five times another time.  I mean, I was helping spot her and all, but she was really putting in some effort.

Milly didn’t make a mess during nap time, but I’m not sure she really slept either.  She did use the training potty though.  Not so at night- she had a normal amount of pee in her pullup, but she also peed in the potty.  It was only a little though, which made me wonder if she did it just to show that she did it.

First episode of the final season of 30 Rock came on tonight.  We watched that, the season premiere of Supernatural and an episode of Revenge.  We’ll watch The Office and Parks & Rec sometime over the weekend I would guess.

Zach Dotsey