Got up and went to breakfast with the Griffens.  The plan was to eat at Applebee’s because they were hosting a breakfast fundraiser for the Girl Scouts, which Christin’s boss’s daughter is in, but their griddle had broken and they were jammed full of people without the ability to cook a number of breakfast foods, so we walked over to Golden Corral and ate there instead.

Hadn’t decided what to do about Milly’s dance thing at Riverfest yet.  As a reminder, she hadn’t been going through with all the dance stuff in classes, so we didn’t know how she’d do on stage.  On top of that, she was pretty cranky, so we put her down for a nap when we got home from breakfast and skipped Emma Love’s birthday party when we decided we’d give it a try.

I feel bad for Reece and Stephanie.  Jacob threw up, but they didn’t think he was sick.  Then he threw up again and they decided maybe he was sick.  Then they tried to do the party at a park, but they didn’t know there was no grilling at that park, so they moved it back to their house.  Anyway, we might have still gone if Milly weren’t in need of as much rest as possible.

We got downtown for Riverfest much earlier than we needed to, so we walked around for a bit.  I saw a tag team wrestling match that I thought might be fun to watch, but Amanda wasn’t interested, didn’t think Milly needed to see it, and it was getting time for us to head back to the stage anyway.

Milly is the smallest girl in the Creative II classes.  It’s supposed to be for four- and five-year-olds I think, but the schedule of the Creative I classes didn’t work out for us.  Couple that with how Milly had been in classes lately and how cranky she’d been and we weren’t sure what to expect.  Getting in line and going to the stage, she had her game face on.  She seemed a little nervous.  Miss Michele reminded all the girls to smile though, and Milly was smiling big when she got on stage.  I saw our neighbor Bonnie and Kirsten was there with a friend too.

Milly did great.  I mean she really did.  We were so impressed by the job she did.  She did all the dance moves, she smiled, the followed directions… Amanda and I were so proud of her.  And she looked like she had fun, too.

After that we walked around a little bit more near the stage area.  Milly got to pot a plant to take home and road a little train, then we went into the Cotton Exchange, where I discovered they’ve got a comic book shop with some really nice vintage comics.  Milly and I walked around while I quizzed her on superheroes.  She got Spider-Man, Batman and Superman, but she didn’t get Wonder Woman.

I was pretty thirsty, so we walked to Java Dog.  Jenn was there and she was excited to see Milly.

Nick brought the kids over and they all had dinner with us.  Amy’s on an extended out of town wedding video trip, and since Nick has to get up early tomorrow and work at church we agreed to watch Eli and Ada for the night and most of tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey