Milly was very good all morning.

Amanda took her to dance class, they’re doing new songs, I guess for the recital in June.

The three of us went to Mayfaire because Amanda wanted to get some makeup from Ulta.  It was kids night at Brixx, so we ate there too.  Milly was making a bunch of silly faces while eating, kind of lowering her eyebrows and scrunching her face.

We let Milly play at Brilliant Sky, but we hadn’t been there long when she said she had to poop.  Last time she had to poop while playing there she ended up going in her pants because the nearest bathroom is at Atlanta Bread and Amanda couldn’t get her there in time.  I tucked her under one arm and ran her there, but then she couldn’t or wouldn’t go, so we went back to Brilliant Sky.  Not long after she had to go again, so I ran her back again and she went this time.  Amanda met us there, we all had a cookie then went home.

Amanda and I watched Go On and Revenge after putting Milly down.

Zach Dotsey